An Updated Bedroom

Wallpaper / Headboard / Duvet Cover and Shams / Pink Euro Shams / Navy and White Pillows (similar) / Dresser / Bridge Photo / Night Stands / Night Stand Hardware / Lamps

A few months ago, my bedroom decor started to make my skin crawl. It looked (to me) like a teenager’s room: scattered and not pulled together in a well thought out adult sort of way. It’s a pretty small room (unless you live in New York, then it’s considered big!) so I knew that I had to make a bold statement somehow. I added Tempaper Designs temporary wall paper on the wall behind our headboard which created an entirely new feel for the room. It made it seem fancier and more luxurious with only temporary wall paper.

It’s a really cool product but definitely make sure that you put it up with someone who knows what they’re doing because it’s not as easy as it looks! Luckily my husband is kind of a genius at this sort of thing. After the wallpaper, I got new bedding with three different patterns (especially love the navy and white throw pillows) that weren’t too overwhelming for a comfortable and stylish bed. If you think about how many hours you spend in bed, you realize how important it is to have this space be perfect and sacred.

My favorite part of the room (see below for photos) is the way I displayed my jewelry using these West Elm trays. Now I can see everything when I’m getting ready and I use more pieces than I would if they were all stashed away.

See below for the before pictures and more detailed shots of the room. To see more of my decorating inspiration, check out my HomeLove Pinterest Board.


Bedroom After

Bed After

Jewelry Display Before:
Dresser Before
Jewelry Display After:


Dresser After 1

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