Life Lately: Volume 78

Greetings, friends, on this sunny and unseasonably warm New England winter day. My week was all over the place but I’m taking most of today offline to hang out with my dad who came for a quick visit last night. We are going to see Amalia’s Valentine’s Day show at school this morning then hanging out, running some errands, and having a father daughter lunch which will be so nice.

The lowest point of my week was on Wednesday when I slipped on black ice with Luca in my arms and not only sprained my ankle but dropped him on the ground as I fell. Thank God he was ok (he was wearing a winter hat and a puffy coat so his fall was broken pretty well) but it was terrifying in the moment. Those flashing moments of parenthood remind you how fragile everything can be. It definitely shook me up for a few days but he’s fine and I’m fine so we’re moving on.

An exciting parenthood moment, on the other hand, is that Amalia has started playing alone in her room even when I’m downstairs cooking or doing something with Luca. She has historically had a fear of being alone upstairs so this is a huge milestone for her and we’re feeling very proud of our girl. It might seem like something small to most people but as a child I was completely crippled by my fear of the dark and being alone at night that I get emotional about it.

We’re leaving next weekend for a week in Florida with my mom and my sister and her family so this weekend I need to go through the kids’ warm-weather clothes to see what still fits.

Have a great weekend! And go birds!

Pictured above: Dress / Hair Bow (gifted)


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