Life Lately: Volume 80

Hello and happy Friday! We had our first big snowfall of the season which resulted in our first snow day. Which landed a day after a teacher’s professional development day. Which landed directly after February break. Which landed right after Amalia was home sick for two days. Needless to say I was thrilled to have a few lovely hours to myself in front of my computer on Wednesday for the first time in two weeks.

I posted something about this on Instagram and immediately a follower messaged me that I come off as hating spending time with my kids. Well, Karen, you try spending 13 days straight with these little cuties and I guarantee you’ll feel the same! It made me realize, yet again, how moms are expected to want to be happily “mom-ing” 24/7 and take heat for wanting…. no needing… a break.

Anyway my three days back to work were great, productive and very exciting. I kicked off yet another big project for 2023 and feel like this is really just my year for work. Finally! So many fun things to come, you guys.

Have a great weekend!


Another fascinating article on Ozempic being used as a weight-loss tool. And yet another about the return of disordered eating culture. This whole topic makes me furious.

The reasons you feel 20% younger than your actual age. A fascinating read.

The Ophelia & Indigo Spring/Summer collection is stunning! I just ordered this dress and this one. Bravo, ladies! So proud of everything you do.

Reading about Jo’s divorce made me feel oddly emotional. I’ve been following her for over a decade so it felt like a friend’s loss.

Are blogs coming back? Let’s hope so! Carly agrees…

Could this sweater be any cuter?

The truth about eye cream. As a self-proclaimed eye cream enthusiast, this was an interesting read for m

The sweetest little summer outfit for a girl.

I’m so happy for Eva and Ian and love their beautiful Parisian engagement story!

Hold up, are skorts back?!

Love love loved this op-ed about 11 things one parent wished she knew from the start.

I just bought this cute coverup for an upcoming tropical vacation!

Who’s on whose team in Succession season 4? Have I mentioned how beyond excited I am for the new (and final!) season?

Ok these pink-striped pull-on shorts are summer perfection.

20 lunches you can meal prep on Sundays.

Kind of obsessed with this under $60 swimsuit


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