Life Lately: Volume 25

Lemon Jack Rogers

I’ve been trying so hard to stay away from posting anything political since the election, but man did this week make that tough. Pulling out of the Paris Climate Deal is a disgusting, short sighted act that disturbed me to my core. Yesterday I was watching the live stream with bated breath to see what Trump would do. The fact that he actually pulled out left me speechless and, frankly, heartbroken (a word I’ve used more in relation to this political year than ever before). I can only hope that companies, states, and individuals step up to do their part to protect this beautiful planet in the coming years.

In more upbeat news, we finally got some sunshine in Connecticut this week, and I pulled out my lemon Jack Rogers which made me so happy. These shoes were made for me! I probably won’t take them off much this summer, just a warning.

We also finished up and took photos of our nursery which I look forward to sharing with you soon. It’s now my favorite room in the house by a long shot. It has the best energy and is so bright and airy. My photographer loved it so much that she spent an hour taking photos because she didn’t want to stop!

I spent some time updating my shop page with a June wish list, an updated “maternity picks” section, baby girl outfits, and more.

This weekend, we’re planning to take take it pretty easy, see some friends, and work on our backyard garden. Thrilling, I know!

From Around the Web

Secrets of women who (seemingly) have it all together. Considering I’m one of the two women featured in this Pure Wow article, let’s focus on the word the seemingly. Nonetheless, I’m sharing my tips on career, home, and wellness so check it out!

#covfefe. All of the covfefe memes were killing me this week. Some of the best ones were rounded up here.

New sneaks. In other Jack Rogers news, they just dropped their first line of sneakers. I think they’re super cute and for only $54, a no brainer! Thoughts?

Recover from a happiness hangover. Four great tips for how to recover from a “happiness hangover”.

Where I get my news. I read The Skimm every morning and then stay up to date on social throughout the day. What’s your go-to these days?

This dress tho… So cute for beach vacations and only $88!

Rosé punch. Is this a joke? I can’t deal with how beautiful this drink recipe is. I see rosé punch in my future!

Hillary Clinton’s life post-election. The surreal post-election life of the woman who would have been president.

Yellow is the new black. Case in point with this amazing shirt ($68) and these fab earrings ($78).

Why you shouldn’t Instagram your vacationyes, really.

The Glass Castle. One of my all time favorite books is being made into a movie. I can’t wait to see it in August!

Hot pink flirty top. Ok wow, I’m obsessed with this top. Loving it in hot pink but it comes in six colors for only $42 if that’s not your thing.

The best lobster rolls in Americaaccording to Yelp. I have to agree with Lobster Landing and Matunuck Oyster Bar. Now I’ll have to try the rest of them…

Currently watching. House of Cards season 5 is great so far (I’m only 4 episodes in), but feels eerily familiar. Does anyone else agree?

Tie front FTW. Cute cute cute!

Currently listening. Thank you so much for all of the podcast recs last week. I’m all caught up on Convicted and am hooked. I have the rest of your recommendations on my list too.

9 best vegan ice creams… that you can buy by the pint. I haven’t tried a lot of these, so was excited to find this list!

Affordable ginger jar. You guys are always asking where to buy ginger jars, and I just found this one for under $30 so thought I’d share the love.

Finally. Ginger Spice apologized for breaking up the Spice Girls… 19 years later!

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  1. Taylor Cannon said:

    I absolutely agree regarding the decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Deal, so heartbroken. Just makes it so much more important for us to do our individual parts to care for Earth and climate change! Thanks for a great weekly round up! Have a great weekend!
    Taylor |

    6.2.17 · Reply
  2. Brittany Olander said:

    I can’t even start with Trump. He makes me want to puke. Covfefe was THE BEST!

    xo, brittany

    weekend links + steals on my blog today!

    6.2.17 · Reply
  3. Virginia Merati said:

    Totally sympathize – it seems like every day I just get more and more anxious for the future of our country. It’s nice to take a break and laugh about covfefe for a little bit.

    Also wanted to say your links were on point this week! 🙂 Have a great weekend.

    6.2.17 · Reply
  4. Lauren said:

    I find it interesting that you’re heartbroken over Trump’s decision. Could you give some examples of what you do to reduce your carbon footprint besides basic curbside recycling? Every day you write blog posts with links asking us to consume more goods whether it be clothing, home décor, beauty products etc. How does this help this Earth?

    6.2.17 · Reply
    • Fair enough, Lauren! I definitely could do more… that’s for sure. This is actually a great idea for a blog post. At the moment, what I try to do now is the following. Again, it won’t make a huge impact, but it’s worth something!

      1. Like you said, I’m super diligent about recycling. I’ll drive around with water bottles for days rather than throw them in a trash can.
      2. I drive a hybrid car
      3. I try to eat locally produced foods when possible. In the summer, I shop at farmer’s markets, and try to buy produce from within 100 miles. This, of course, isn’t always possible, but I make an effort to try.
      4. I try to eat beef once a week or less (interesting article on that:
      5. Twice a year, we pick a carbon offset project to support. Here is more info if you’re interested in reading more:

      If you have other suggestions, I’m always open to them!

      6.2.17 · Reply
      • Lauren said:

        Thanks for replying. I also think that’d be a great idea for a blog post! Although I’ve been working on consuming less, I’m not perfect. It can be a struggle to say no to the new things that come out constantly.
        Some simple things I do:
        – At work, I keep a water bottle, coffee mug, real utensils, a metal straw and cloth napkins at my desk to avoid using plastic. I bring the napkins home on Fridays to wash them.
        -Always say no to plastic bags! My office nicknamed me the bag lady because I collect them and recycle them on weekends. It’s so frustrating to see people carry lunch in a plastic bag when they are only going across the street! is a great resource for items that are hard to recycle curbside.
        Have a great weekend!

        6.2.17 · Reply
        • Yes to water bottles and mugs! I do that too and have a S’well bottle in every room of my house 🙂

          A great idea to replace plastic bags is to bring a bag that folds up in your purse everywhere you go. I have a BAGGU that I love. Admittedly, sometimes I forget to use it, but I try!

          Will check out Terracycle, thanks! xx

          6.2.17 · Reply
  5. Those Jack Rogers sneakers are pretty cute! I wonder if they’re comfy or not. I think I’m going to buy a pair and see.

    6.2.17 · Reply
    • If you’re not used to JR’s, they can feel weird. You definitely have to break them in! But now I have over 20 pairs and it’s all I wear 🙂

      6.4.17 · Reply
  6. Sara said:

    Totally share your heartbreak as well as disgust with Trump. One of the worst parts of it was how he built it up like it was a reality tv decision. So much drama and having everyone in the Rose Garden for his announcement while the Marine jazz band was playing (so freaking odd). He was almost gleeful announcing he was pulling out of the agreement. I knew he would be a bad president but honestly, he’s way worse than I could have even imagined. First his cringeworthy NATO fiasco and then this. Sad times for America for sure.

    6.2.17 · Reply
    • It’s all about the optics for him… so frustrating to watch.

      6.4.17 · Reply
  7. I always look forward to your Life Lately posts Julia. This one did not disappoint! A perfect Saturday morning read! Enjoy your weekend! We’ll be doing yard work too 🙂

    6.3.17 · Reply
  8. Sarah Lyon said:

    TJ Maxx and HomeGoods also sell ginger jars for cheap–I’ve found a ton of great ones there!


    6.3.17 · Reply
    • Oh genius! I never even thought to look at Home Goods. So smart!!

      6.4.17 · Reply
  9. Elizabeth A Johnson said:

    For keeping up with the news – I’ve started listening to Up First, a 12-15 minute podcast from NPR. It comes out Monday through Friday mornings and covers 3-4 major news stories. Perhaps that one came up already has a podcast recommendation, but thought it was worth mentioning. It’s how I eased back into news coverage post November.
    Love your blog, and the thoughtful, beautiful content you create!

    6.4.17 · Reply
  10. Aubrey said:

    Aren’t you the one who completely redid your patio/deck twice in one year, showing blatant consumerism and wastefulness? I’m getting really tired of entitled liberals acting superior than everyone and throwing a fit over this Paris Deal when they seem to be the most wasteful (cough cough Elon Musk’s private plane).

    6.12.17 · Reply