Life Lately: Volume 106

Life Lately Volume 106

Happy Friday! I don’t know about you guys but I feel like holiday shopping and Black Friday sales are so beyond over the top this year that it’s overwhelming. Maybe because it’s my literal job to share them but it feels different for some reason.

I’m trying to focus on what’s important this season: family and making the holidays as magical for my kids as it always was for me growing up. I don’t remember the gifts I got (except when I got a super cool see-through landline phone in my room), I remember decorating our tree as a family, the games we all played at Christmas dinner, and the feeling of magic in the air.

I had quite the excitement when I threw my back out this week. I used to do it a few times a year but since I started doing PT exercises, lots of strength training, and laying on an acupressure mat, it’s been so much better. This is the first time I’ve done it in over 6 months. Still, it was not fun. I’m feeling better today but taking it easy so it doesn’t get worse.

This weekend my kids requested a sleepover at their grandparents’ house (twist my arm lol) so Anel and I plan to have a date night and do some organizing around the house. Dream weekend, anyone?

A ton of stuff is on sale in my gift guide, so be sure to check it out this weekend!

Pictured above: Sweater / Jeans / Flats


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The 25 best wellness products of 2023, according to Glamour.

The perfect green and white striped sweater with an elevated collegiate vibe.

What happens to your brain when you feel left out.

The final frontier for helicopter parents.

The black bootcut flare jeans I have worn literally every day this week (and pictured above) are such a great pair with such a great fit.

How to identify (and treat) all the little bumps on your face.

Sleep more and be happier.

I feel like a hot pink phone case will improve my daily mood greatly. PS I’m a Flaunt case convert. Their rings are the best for holding your phone!

30+ Thanksgiving desserts that aren’t pumpkin pie.

I made Dan Pelosi’s pasta fagioli recipe the other night and the whole family went nuts for it. Luca had 4 bowls!

I would love to wear this metallic jumpsuit on New Year’s Eve.

The 24 best places to go in 2024.

6 home organizing tasks to complete before the holidays.

Maybe my favorite holiday party dress I’ve seen so far.

50 holiday rituals to romanticize the season.

These stunning mother-of-pearl picture frames would make a great gift. As would this wicker wine sleeve.

53 ideas for your Thanksgiving leftovers.


Kids’ Unicorn Hoodie Hat

Stainless Steel Two-Tone Apple Watch Band

Black Bootcut Flare Jeans

J.Crew Hoodie (4th week in a row, 40% off)


20+ Gifts for Her

Caramel Apple Pie Recipe

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