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Julia Dzafic of Lemon Stripes in her Kitchen

Today’s post is basically my content to do list for 2019 shared publicly, LOL. I mentioned yesterday that I would be creating more regular series to keep my blog more organized and my sanity in check, and I spent a lot of time over my holiday break thinking about how this would look. I scoured your answers from my survey and picked series that made me feel excited and that aligned with the types of content you requested.

Below are four monthly series and one quarterly series that I’ll be starting ASAP this month. I’m oddly giddy about all of them, and the idea of more regularly organized content is giving me life!

1. Lemon Stripes Book Club: Out of all the series below, I think I’m the most excited about this one! I love reading and I love dissecting books when I’m done with them. Any book club I’ve been a part of IRL has turned into a wine-drinking evening where we barely discuss the book. Don’t get me wrong, I love that kind of book club too, but I’m hoping that a monthly book club with you guys will be fun in a different kind of way. I’ll be kicking it off next Thursday, but if you want to get a head start, the book will be The Other Woman. TBH, the reason I’m picking this one first is because that’s what I’m reading right now and it’s a page turner.

2. Wear It Again: I’m turning my original Shop My Closet series into a monthly series called Wear It Again where I rewear at least one piece in my closet for an outfit post. I’ll share how I wore it the first time, and style it differently the second time around. As bloggers, we put so much focus on consumption, and I’m hoping this series inspires people to appreciate and rewear items that they already own.

3. Weeknight Recipes: Whenever I post weeknight recipes, I get responses with photos of you guys making the recipes for yourselves and your families, and it makes me the happiest! I’m committing to at least one easy weeknight recipe a month on my blog in addition to the recipes that I post on my Instagram Stories every so often.

4. Workouts with Anel: This is one of my most requested types of content, so Anel has agreed to create a quarterly at-home workout just for Lemon Stripes readers. His home workouts are killer, and if you haven’t tried the last one already, check it out now. The next one workout will be coming in February. If you have something you want to focus on (like abs or arms or whatever) let me know so he can shape it to be what the people want!

5. Wellness Challenges: This came up a lot in my survey results, and I’m so happy it did because it wasn’t something I had thought to do before. The idea behind wellness challenges is that we all support each other in whatever that month’s challenge is. For example if it’s drinking more water, I’ll set goals for everyone around how many ounces to drink per day, tricks for remembering, etc, and you can know that the whole group will be experiencing it together!

I’m thinking of starting a private Facebook group for these challenges as well so people can ask questions and help each other through. Would that be helpful? LMK!  Our first wellness challenge will kick off next Monday.

Peppered between these series will be my usual lifestyle, motherhood, fashion, and decor content. I’m still reading through all of the survey results, but this content will be inspired by what you guys had to say! If there is ever a topic that you want to see covered, you can always comment on my blog or Instagram or shoot me an email. I’m so excited for these new series, and I hope that you guys love them too!

Photo by Julia Dags.

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