Best Sellers This Week

October Best Sellers

Family holiday PJs, from $35 (on major sale): You can use code LEMON15 for 15% off on top of their current sale. You can see them here on me and my babies!

Lemon Stripes x Chappywrap, $135: My Chappywrap re-launch went so well this week that I got emotional about it. There are a handful of each style left and they’ll most likely sell out today but if you miss this round, not to worry we have more coming in December!

Navy jumpsuit, $39: A great comfy Amazon find. I wore it to an event last night and got lots of compliments.

Our Place Perfect Pot, $165: I shared a ribollita recipe yesterday that I made in this pot that is perfect for the stove and oven. Use code LEMONSTRIPES10 for 10% off!

Puff-sleeve sweatshirt, $88: I have this in black but ordered it in olive too because I’m so into it. It is as comfy as it is stylish.

Plaid smocked dress, $128: This dress came back in stock after being sold out for a while and you guys scooped it up like crazy! I wore it here and it’s a serious contender for Thanksgiving dinner.

Perfume oil, $59: My mom and I went shopping when I was in Cali visiting her last weekend and we both fell in love with this floral scent layered with jasmine, tuberose, and white lily.

Girls’ holiday dress, $34: We took our holiday card photos this week (just wait, they are the cutest ever!) and Amalia and Luca wore matching blackwatch plaid outfits. Amalia’s dress was a hit but I think Luca’s little bubble might be even cuter. I had them both monogrammed too. They both run true to size.

Have a great Halloween weekend!