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10 weeks. 6.5 books. That’s not too shabby! I’m not the fastest reader but I love to read and I’ve found that I’m reading more and watching less TV after Amalia goes to bed at night these days. It calms me before sleep and takes me out of my head for an hour every night. Here is a round-up of all the books I’ve read so far since we’ve been staying at home and a review of each, ranked from favorite to least favorite.

And I’d love to hear the best book you’ve read lately!

Daily Jones and The Six by Taylor Jenkins: A+

I cannot believe it took me so long to get on board with this book. Everyone and their mother told me to read it and something about the cover just turned me off (I know, I know). But I finished it in three days and could barely put it down. I stayed up way too late each of those three nights reading every word about a fictional 70’s rock band, The Six, and their enigmatic lead singers, Daisy and Billy.

The story is told as an interview and each paragraph is from the voice of a different character. At first, it felt frenetic and confusing but within a matter of pages, it became the norm. It was one of those books that I felt especially sad about finishing. Although I’ve heard it’s becoming a TV mini-series which I’m sure you’ll see on one of my 5 Random Things post in the future.

Open Book by Jessica Simpson (not pictured): A

Shock is a good word to describe how I felt while reading Jessica Simpson’s memoir. I was never particularly a big fan of her music but knew her story from the sidelines… or so I thought. This woman is so much smarter than anyone gives her credit for. She was abused as a child and has overcome addiction and body shaming and so much more. Today she’s running a billion-dollar company and laughing all the way to the bank.

Plus she spills major tea about her exes John Mayer, Johnny Knoxville, and Nick Lachey. I promise that even if you’re not a fan of J Simps, it’s a great read.

Untamed by Glennon Doyle: A-

I finished Untamed last weekend and felt so inspired by Glennon’s story, bravery, and positivity. Her latest memoir is about how her life opened up and completely changed when she stopped trying to the woman that the world and society wanted her to be, and she started listening to her inner wisdom. Because of that she left her unfulfilling marriage for a woman and finally started really living

The storyline isn’t always linear, and it reads like a collection of essays that can sometimes feel all over the place, but the general message of her story was beautiful and I love the way she expresses herself. People raved about this book, and while I definitely recommend it for the inspo factor, it got a little repetitive in the middle and felt a bit self-serving at times.

The Seven or Eight Deaths of Stella Fortuna by Juliet Grames (not pictured): A-

My mom and sister both highly recommended this book about an Italian immigrant family. The story spans three generations of women and travels from the Italian countryside to Connecticut. The main character, Stella, is headstrong and different from all the other girls her age. She grows into a headstrong old lady who has lost her mind. But once you read her story and her many (7 or 8) kisses with death, it all makes sense. I really enjoyed this novel!

City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert: B+

I just re-started this two nights ago so still getting into it but already like it a lot. I started it about a month ago then stopped when Open Book arrived because I couldn’t wait to read it. Then I forgot about City of Girls and just remembered to open it up again. I’m a big Elizabeth Gilbert fan and will report back when I’m done with a final grade. I’m sure it will go up based on everything I’ve heard!

The Jetsetters by Amanda Eyre Ward: B

This wasn’t my favorite of Reese’s book club picks but it was a light and fun read and something I needed between all of these other books. I got through it really quickly and it kept me highly entertained. The story is about a dysfunctional family with many hidden secrets who takes a cruise together and learn all about themselves and each other as they travel the Mediterranian coast.

Stress Less, Accomplish More by Emily Fletcher: B-

Every single person in the universe seemingly wants me to read this self-help book about meditation and mindfulness, including my sister and husband who both swear by it. But now that I’m meditating most days with Headspace, I can’t get into it. Or maybe because I’ve been doing so much work on myself lately, it feels like just one more thing. Has anyone with anxiety read this and loved it?

Next up on my list? American Dirt and All Adults Here. What else should I add?

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