Marketing Consulting for Black-Owned Businesses

Marketing Consulting for Black-Owned Businesses

Inspired by others in my industry (like Grace Atwood and Kate Huyett), in addition to donating money, I will donate my time to work with Black-owned business owners over the next month and beyond. Some of you know that in addition to blogging I have a digital marketing consulting business. Working with start-ups and small businesses is my real passion!

I was able to start my business because of the many lessons I’ve learned over the years from my own mentors and networks, almost all of them white. Many Black people don’t benefit from the kind of networks that I did. So I want to create a piece of that network, share some of the lessons I’ve learned, and pay it forward.

I am offering 10 hours of my time over the next month to work with Black entrepreneurs looking to grow and market their businesses online. I will start with hour-long phone calls to review your business goals and marketing plans and offer feedback and advice in terms of social media, email marketing, digital ads, and branding.

With this form, Black small-business owners can answer questions about their business and future goals. I will respond to every single person but will only be able to work with 10 businesses/month to start so that I’m able to give each business the attention it deserves.

If you’re interested, please fill out this Google Form. And if you know someone else who might be, pass it along to them.

Update for everyone who has asked: Yes this includes content creators. Blogs are businesses too!

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  1. Mackenzie said:

    This is amazing, and a long-term way to continue the action and conversation. So happy to hear this 🙂

    6.5.20 · Reply
  2. Kirsten said:

    that’s awesome!!

    6.5.20 · Reply