Memorial Day Weekend 2020

Memorial Day weekend is usually a time when we travel, get together with friends and family, have big parties, and march in parades. This year, obviously, it is going to be very different. Parades are canceled and parties of 6 people or less standing 6 feet apart don’t really have the same vibe.

So although nothing right now is normal, I’ve found that when we try to do the things that we did in our “old life” everything feels a little bit better. There are still a lot of activities we can all do this weekend to make Memorial Day feel like the summer kick-off that it is… Like baking festive treats, grilling in the backyard (grilled pizza is always fun if you want something a little different), having socially distanced drinks with friends, blowing up a kiddie pool for a swim, and dancing to your favorite playlist.

Our family goals for this long weekend are to spend as much time outside as possible, have a BBQ, and get off our phones. I’m ditching social media for at least one day (maybe two if I get really crazy) to focus on having fun with my family.

Here is the list of ideas the three of us came up with for the weekend. I did not include Amalia’s two favorite ideas: watch Peppa Pig all day and eat snacks in bed.

1. Go for a hike
2. Camp out in the backyard (Anel’s idea, never happening for me)
3. Have a BBQ (duh)
4. Bake festive treats (check)
5. Head to the beach (done and done)
6. Make s’mores (yum)
7. Dress in our most patriotic outfits (if Amalia will cooperate)
8. Run through a sprinkler and/or pull out the kiddie pool to play in (hope it’s warm enough!)
9. Read books outside (always)
10. Eat one ice cream cone a day! (twist my arm)

And here is what you guys said:

I asked you guys on Instagram last night to share one thing you’re doing this weekend to make it feel a little more normal. BBQ/Grill was the number one response by a long shot and 9/10 answers involved food or drink in some way or another! Here were some favorites:

“Eat all our meals outside!”

“Have a socially distanced BBQ with friends”

“Making s’mores with my kids”

“Lawn games and sprinklers in the backyard”

“Blow up our inflatable pool and go swimming”

“Rosé and take out”

“Sit outside with great food and a cold beer”

“Slip and slide for the kids, rosé for the parents”

“Put a patriotic bandana on my dog” (#same)

“Pulling out my white jeans”

“DRINK ALCOHOL OUTSIDE!” (love the enthusiasm here)

“I gave my entire team the day off so they get a 4 day weekend” (Ok, you’re a great boss!)

“Lots of ice cream cones”

“I’m having a baby on Saturday!” (Had to share, yay and congrats!)

“Unplugging from work for a few days”

“Decorate the house with flags”

“Get curbside lobster rolls and eat them outside”

“An Aperol Spritz near a body of water”

“Relax and not put pressure on myself”

I hope that you’re able to enjoy the weekend in one way or another. Let me know how below! Sending you love and light from my family to yours. I’ll be back here on Tuesday!

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  1. you look healthy and happy outside in the sunshine 🙂 Plus, wearing stripes never hurts IMO 🙂

    5.22.20 · Reply
  2. Angie said:

    This post just made me feel so happy!

    5.22.20 · Reply
  3. Heather said:

    A little disappointed you didn’t mention the reason behind the holiday at all in your post- the brave men and women who gave their lives for our freedom.

    5.25.20 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      You’re right. That was an embarrassing oversight on my part!

      5.25.20 · Reply