How I Organize My Purse

How I Organize My Purse

I have a thing about keeping my purse organized. When I reach in to grab something, I always know exactly where it is and there is something calming about that. When I have to dig around to find what I want, it stresses me out big time. Over the years, I’ve developed a little system that works well for me in any larger tote. If I move to a small cross-body or clutch for nighttime, I only bring a few essentials and then move them back to their usual spots as soon as I get home.

For an actual bag, I go back and forth between a few options:

1. Cuyana zippered tote: Classic, beautiful, perfect size if you also need to add a laptop. Long-time followers know that I’m a huge Cuyana fan. It’s by far my favorite leather/bag/small accessories company. This isn’t an ad for the brand, but you can read more about their sustainability here and the company story here and I bet you’ll start to fall a little bit in love too.

2. Cuyana cross-body tote (waitlisted right now): This has been my go-to bag for years. I’m taking a little break from it for a few months right now but it will be back in the fall!

3. LL Bean Boat & Tote (medium with long handles): The one pictured here is an old version they made with leather handles that is sadly now discontinued.

How I Organize My Purse

Large pouch (black): This is my essentials pouch. Everything but the kitchen sink goes in here. It’s the smallest pouch option in this line from Cuyana but it’s the biggest one for my bag. If I had a bigger pouch, I’d just fill it with more stuff I don’t need. Here is what lives inside of it:

AirPods (with this case)
Mini Native deodorant
Hand sanitizer
Colgate Wisp toothbrushes (I have a thing about clean teeth)
Floss (Case in point)
Advil & Tums
Equilibria Daily Drops CBD oil
Babiators for Amalia
Phone charger
Peppermint essential oil
Hair ties

Smaller tech pouch (blush): I originally got this pouch to hold headphones and chargers but when AirPods came out, I switched it up and use this for beauty products.

Beautycounter lip gloss
Nars Lipstick
Burt’s Bees Lip balm (this is my can’t live without product)
Roll-on perfume oil
Sage spray (duh)
Boscia oil blotting wipes (oily-skinned gals, you get it)
Mac Studio Fix powder
Weleda hand cream
Travel-sized dry shampoo

Smallest pouch (blush): I keep gum in this little monogrammed pouch (on sale), a Christmas gift from a friend. Just two packs of gum, that’s it. I go through them really quickly. I recently switched from Orbit Wintermint to Pur Peppermint and it’s definitely not the same but trying to do better over here!

Wallet: The Chanel wallet was a gift from my MIL but I still have my Cuyana wallet that I will forever love. It’s $125 and beautifully made. I can attest to the fact that it wears well.


Face mask: The colorway I have in my favorite mask is sold out (although it’s available in a kids version), but they have a lot of pretty patterns to choose from. Out of all the face coverings that I’ve tried, this one is far and away the most comfortable. I recommend it to everyone.  For every mask purchased on this site, they will donate a colorful mask to a children’s healthcare network in the US to “fill their halls with cheer.”

I let the mask float for easy access. I keep another one in my car for whenever I forget this one or I’m washing it.

Sunglasses: I’ve been wearing these same sunnies for years and I know I should keep them in a case but I am constantly putting them on and throwing them in my bag so it just never happens. They’re also floaters

Car Key

Hand Sanitizer (not pictured): #2020

Phone (not pictured)

Photos by Julia Dags.


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  1. Jessie said:

    This post seriously makes me oh so so happy! A life goal of mine is to be more organized and I love a good “what’s in their bag”, so this ticks all the boxes. I’m on the waitlist for that Cuyana cross-body, so May I please request a post about how you switch between the two bags and what/how you store in the crossbody?? Thanks!

    7.14.20 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      Hahah ok I’ll do that next for you 🙂 You’ll LOVE the bag!

      7.15.20 · Reply
  2. Kristin said:

    Hope you see this, but I got a very generous Cuyana gift card for the holidays. I’m planning on using it specifically for purse organization (probably two pouches or a pouch and a tech case) and I’m really torn between what to get and in what color.

    How has the blush color on your tech case held up over time? I’m a bit reluctant to go for the lighter colors as I’m not sure if they will show a lot of wear and tear over time. However, I love the blush tone and Cuyana is somewhat limited to what is in stock. That combined with the fact that I have 3 different colors between 2 purses and a wallet is making me a crazy person with trying to find complementary tones.

    1.7.21 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      Hi Kristin! The blush has held up surprisingly well over time but I do have to wipe it down once in a while, unlike the black ones that never ever get dirty.But overall I’d say that the blush won’t give you any issues. Good luck!

      1.7.21 · Reply