5 Random Things: August

What a month we’ve had! The Dzafic family did lots of vacation time together which was incredible, so much fun, and utterly exhausting at the same time. The two weeks we spent away with our kids are weeks I’ll never forget. Amalia has become so much more confident in her swimming and Luca is chatting up a storm. It was so fun to see them with their cousins for such an extended period of time. They are so close and I can’t wait to do this year after year.

Amalia is at a great age for traveling but Luca is very challenging physically right now because he’s always trying to jump off of something or into moving traffic, but I know it’s a phase and each summer with him will get a little easier and a little less terrifying. That said, every muscle and joint in my body hurts after two weeks of trying to keep the child alive!

Both kids are back in school this week and it feels really good to get back into our routines, even if it’s taking us a little longer than usual to get on track. Amalia did an amazing job at her first day of Kindergarten yesterday. She came home dancing and singing about how she can’t wait to go back tomorrow which I’m taking as a good sign. Watching her get on the school bus was incredibly emotional but seeing her giant smile at the end of the day eased all my worries.

To round out the summer, Anel and I are celebrating our 10-year wedding anniversary this weekend by taking a little trip together which we are very excited for. Think good food, lots of relaxation, massages (for me), golf (for him), and the best part, sleeping in!

Pictured above: Ophelia & Indigo Dress (on sale), Illesteva Sunnies, Oliphant Kids Dress (old)


Books –

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Tiven: Hands down TT&T is the best book I’ve read this year. I’ve been sitting here for 10 minutes trying to figure out what I loved so much about it and it’s kind of hard to explain. But I do know it was really beautiful. I’m not all that interested in the general topic of the book (gaming) and don’t really relate to any of the characters (game-builders) but I couldn’t put it down. On vacation during Luca’s nap and Amalia’s rest time, I would sneak away to read every single day. It’s one of those books that just sucks you into it’s world and you don’t want to leave it.

The book follows the lives of Sadie and Sam, two kids who meet in a children’s hospital when they’re young and follows their friendship with each other, their relationships with others, and a business they build as adults.

A+ rating!

TV Shows –

The Bear (FX/Hulu):   We finished The Bear in only a few nights and loved every single second of it. Carmy is a Michelin-star chef who takes over his brother’s Chicago sandwich shop when he dies. Not a single character is super lovable yet you end up loving them all. It’s messy and gritty and funny and dramatic and simply fantastic.

The Old Man (Hulu): A few friends recommended The Old Man without telling us much about it. It’s about an (you guessed it) old man who used to be in the CIA but has been living off the grid for the last few decades. Jeff Bridges is incredible in it and the story twists and turns in lots of ways. We’re almost done with the season and are completely hooked.

Never Have I Ever S3 (Netflix): Is it embarrassing how much I love Mindy Kaling’s high school dramedy? Perhaps, but have you seen Paxton Hall Yoshida? IYKYK. Season 3 does not disappoint, and if you need something light and funny, start from season one.


1. Illesteva Leonard II Sunglasses (pictured above): It’s really hard for me to find sunglasses that I like on my face but I tried these on at a local store and bought them on the spot. I’ve worn them every day since.

2. Multi-Charging CableMy dad had one of these on vacation and I bought a three-pack immediately to have one in our kitchen, one in our bedroom, and one in my travel bag. It makes charging a lot less wire-y. I love little purchases like this that make life just a tiny bit better every day.

3. Faherty JumpsuitI’m partnering with Faherty this week on Instagram and one of the pieces they sent me is this amazing jumpsuit. It has a great slim fit, the color is perfectly faded, and it zips in front instead of buttoning which is great for when you have to use the bathroom. I think this might be my most worn fall ‘fit… if it ever cools down enough to wear it.

4. lululemon Base Pace LeggingsI’ve always been an Align gal but Anel likes to buy me presents at lululemon when he’s feeling romantic (it’s his happy place) and randomly got me a pair of these. Consider me converted! I love the fit (sucks you in but not too tight), the fabric (a bit of sheen so it never looks dirty), the comfort (so soft, easy to wear all day long which I do most days), all of it. I never thought I’d like another legging more than the Align but here we are. If you’re in the market, the Base Pace is my new top rec.

5. J.Crew Clogs: I’m not really a shoe gal but I like to get one pair each season to round out my wardrobe. These blush suede clogs  are just that for the fall. The feel of a slipper but a trendy silhouette.

Photo by Julia Dags.