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Lemon Stripes in a Topshop Dress

Over the last few months, since I’ve been blogging full time, I’ve felt a lot more connected to you guys on a personal level. I think it’s due to two things:

1. Opening up my Snapchat and hosting those weekly Q&A’s

2. Writing more honest content. I love getting your emails sharing that you’ve gone through similar situations and that my posts helped you through them. At the end of the day, that is why I do what I do!

That being said, sometimes I feel like I have no idea what you guys want to see but and you’re the ones that keep me in business so I want to create the stuff that makes you excited, and makes you want to come back to visit on a daily basis.

In order to really know what that is, I’d love to get some real feedback from you! I want to know what you love, what you don’t love, and anything else you want to tell me. And I promise, if you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours… Not only will I create the content that you want, but I’m also giving away $100 Amex gift cards (perfect for stocking up on fall clothes at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale!) to two of the people who comment (randomly selected).

There are three ways to enter to win:

1. Comment below. What do you want to see more of? What kind of content could you live without? Do you have a favorite blog post? Do you like outfit posts? Recipes? Life advice? I want to know it all!

2. Comment on my Instagram. Another place where I want feedback. I’m not sure if you want to see different things there than on the blog. Tell me the types of photos or inspiration you like there.

3. Fill out an anonymous survey. If you have (constructive!) criticism but feel to shy to share it publicly, you can fill out this survey anonymously.

I’ll pick the winners at the end of the week so that you have time to think about it and respond. If you have criticism, I’m definitely open to it, but please be nice. Fair? I look forward to hearing from you guys!

PS outfit details (obsessed with this wrap dress) are below, not to worry. PPS don’t forget to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale early access today! I love this cozy sweater (only $33) and these AG jeans (my favorite brand of jeans, hands down).

Update: Giveaway closed. Both winners (Jessica S and Marjorie F were contacted directly) Thank you all so much for participating, it means the world to me!

Floral Dress and Monogrammed Clutch

Lemon Stripes in Venice California

Floral Wrap Dress

Topshop Wrap Dress

Wrap Dress / Clutch c/o / Shoes c/o / Sunnies

Photos by Valorie Darling.


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  1. Mackenzie said:

    Outfit posts are my #1 favorite from you! I also have loved your few home decor posts and your honest life/advice posts. More posts on entertaining would definitely go along with that theme.

    7.19.16 · Reply
  2. Emily said:

    I love your content on health, mindfulness and practicing self-care–to me that’s tips, recipes, routines. I’d love to see more of that as it’s something women of all ages/backgrounds struggle with and can relate to.

    7.19.16 · Reply
  3. Laura Kathleen @LauraAimeVous said:

    I personally love your style so I like seeing your outfit posts. I also like that you share tidbits of your life in your posts and do enjoy reading your personal posts as well. I’ve also been enjoying your snapchat Q&As!

    Laura | Laura Aime Vous

    7.19.16 · Reply
  4. Brittany S said:

    Your Snapchat Q&A’s are the best!!


    7.19.16 · Reply
  5. Nikki Bohorquez said:

    I come every day, no matter what! But, I have to say, my favorite posts are when you show how to style things – like showing how to style the same shirt a few different ways (similar to how you showed us how other bloggers were wearing the striped dress). It is great for building a wardrobe around key pieces. I would love to see more of the basics – tanks, tees you can’t live without, etc. i also really appreciate when you show something similar to a more expensive piece.
    And my other favorite is interior decorating – it’s a closet (no pun intended) obsession of mine, so I love seeing how other people style their homes. I also really love seeing your recommendations of where to get different types of furniture – I would love to see more of that – even if you don’t have it in your own home, something that you really like.
    Could you do a top five obsessions of the week? Or something of the sort – not necessarily related to the above, but maybe random things like a book you love, a coloring book you found, an article you read that was super powerful?
    Otherwise, keep being your real self – all of us appreciate it more than we say 🙂

    7.19.16 · Reply
  6. Lindsey said:

    I’d love to see more “everyday” stuff. What I mean by that is really just that most people don’t have the resources (money, time, location, etc.) to life a lavish lifestyle (not that you do, but definitely more than I can 🙂 and I’d personally would love to see what everyday recipes you love, what you wear in your downtime on a day your not shooting for the blog (because I’m sure you still look fabulous), beauty routines that are achievable by visiting a local drugstore/Ulta/Sephora. I love your style, so getting ideas from you that someone like me can actually build into my lifestyle would be awesome! Bridging the gap a bit more I guess. I love home stuff too so more of that!

    7.19.16 · Reply
  7. Ginna said:

    Julia, I am such a huge fan of your blog! Your content and photos are incredible. I have immense respect for how open and honest you’ve been, especially with regard to family planning, job transitions, and finances. Those are some big, potentially scary topics and you addressed them with grace. I would love to see more posts about home décor (which, I know you said are coming) and while I absolutely adore your outfit posts, I often feel green with envy that I can’t wear such casual things to the office! But keep them coming – they’re preppy perfection 🙂 xx, Ginna

    7.19.16 · Reply
  8. Kayla S said:

    I’d love to see more home decor! I know that last night on your Snapchat Q&A you mentioned that you’ll be sharing your home office (and possibly a full home tour soon) but I just love your decor style! I’d love to see more about where you find affordable options as well as how to go about the DAUNTING task of pinning down your personal style & decorating a home. (I’m moving into my first place with my boyfriend & while I’m excited to decorate, the thought of where to even begin is super overwhelming!) On another note, I could probably live without the recipe posts, but I do enjoy them as well! They’re just not my #1 favorite. Keep doing you, girl!

    -Kayla || Keynotes from Kay

    7.19.16 · Reply
  9. Love Pretty Inc. said:

    Love everything about your blog (no, seriously…all your posts are so enjoyable to read!). Your content is refreshing and your photos are fantastic (props to Anel). I’ve genuinely enjoyed your more candid/non-fluff pieces lately about real life issues. It’s endearing that you are so comfortable sharing that stuff with your readers, and I admire you for doing so! On another note, I’m not sure if you’ve done this but a capsule collection on the basic clothing/accessories you swear by year in and out would be fun to see. Oh, and home stuff!

    7.19.16 · Reply
  10. Allie Provost said:

    this dress is absolutely stunning on you, julia! and i am definitely a sucker for an outfit or recipe post! …super basic i know haha have a great week!!


    7.19.16 · Reply
  11. Katy said:

    I love your posts on interior decorating, but I think my favorite posts of yours have been the candid, honest ones about finances, health, etc. It’s refreshing to hear a real voice behind all of the beautiful photos, and helpful to hear personal experiences from someone at a similar stage in life. 🙂

    7.19.16 · Reply
  12. Anne [A Squared] said:

    I would love to see more decor ideas, more travel guides… And more of Boots!

    7.19.16 · Reply
  13. Jennifer said:

    Decor Ideas and recipes! All of the recipes I have tried from your blog have been fabulous!!!

    7.19.16 · Reply
  14. Dana Mannarino said:

    Obsessing over these photos! Love this look on you!

    I definitely love the lifestyle aspect of your blog, but outfit photos will always be my favorite!

    Pink Champagne Problems

    7.19.16 · Reply
  15. Cara said:

    I love to see more recipes and tips for healthy eating that everybody can do!

    7.19.16 · Reply
  16. Aubrey said:

    Love your posts about budgeting and money@

    xx. The Coastal Confidence

    7.19.16 · Reply
  17. Leigh Ann said:

    Hey Julia! I’ve been loving the Snapchat Q&As so definitely would love to see that series continue. I also enjoy your more personal essay posts; they definitely help to humanize you more than just pretty outfit posts and make it much easier to relate to Julia, not just Lemon Stripes. I would love to see more lifestyle posts and beauty posts as well.

    7.19.16 · Reply
  18. Elizabeth Taylor said:

    Keep the outfit and recipe posts coming! Also, just love this wrap dress!

    7.19.16 · Reply
  19. liz said:

    More lifestyle items please! Things like budgeting, traveling, decor, etc. I also really loved your post about Boots and training and all that, too.

    7.19.16 · Reply
  20. Diana said:

    I loved your post about your past history with saving money, finances, etc and would love to see more posts about that — espc the process of buying a house, etc, which I know you’ve written about before. I also love your Snapchat Q&A’s. You’re so real and relatable, which is one of my favorite things about your blog. Also, MORE BOOTS. He’s adorable.

    7.19.16 · Reply
  21. stylecusp said:

    These photos are beautiful, Julia! <3

    7.19.16 · Reply
  22. Meghan Donovan said:

    1. you look so pretty in these photos! 2. I have been loving your snapchat Q&A and your more transparent post topics. You are down to earth, genuine and inspiring so remember that always! XO

    7.19.16 · Reply
  23. Lauren said:

    Love any health tips! From clean eating to workouts to mental health well-being

    7.19.16 · Reply
  24. Tai said:

    I seriously love all of your content, but your Snapchat Q&As are my fave!

    7.19.16 · Reply
  25. Cath said:

    I love your Snapchat Q&As as well as your candid posts lately. As a (young) new homeowner I would love to see more budget friendly home decorating options/tips!

    7.19.16 · Reply
  26. Elizabeth Rogers said:

    First things, thanks for answering my snap about a Q&A with your brother Jackson. He’s adorable! I always love reading your blog each and every day! I would love to see more lifestyle posts about every day life, health, fitness, decor, and fun recipes. I know you’ve answered most of these questions in your snapchat but it’s always nice to see it in writing too! I think having these personal posts help us as readers relate more to the content. Don’t get me wrong, each outfit/fashion posts is also fun to see and provides us with inspiration too! Can’t wait to see the new content coming our way. PS – One of my favorite blogs! 🙂

    7.19.16 · Reply
  27. Angela Scibilia said:

    I’ve been loving your Snapchat Q&A. I feel like we as readers get to know you more on a personal level, so maybe expanding on some of the Q&A content to the blog. I also love your posts on money and personal finance. I find them very helpful and informative.


    7.19.16 · Reply
  28. Quinn said:

    I absolutely love your more personal content and your snapchat q&a’s! I love your posts where you are more raw and honest, I feel like it really sets you apart from the other bloggers who just kind of skim the surface with outfit posts. Also, this is a really random comment, but I really love the font on your website! Haha I know that sounds so silly but it’s so easy to read and very pretty. I think I would love to see more healthy recipes and other overall health and wellness tips. Photography/editing tips from you/your husband would also be awesome! Thanks for doing what you do, Julia!

    7.19.16 · Reply
  29. Katie said:

    I definitely have been loving your more honest content lately, even though I don’t relate to all of it it’s definitely very refreshing to read and to get to “know” you more. I also love posts related to interior design and how you’re decorating your new house!


    7.19.16 · Reply
  30. MC said:

    Love all the personal stories for sure, and the Snapchat Q&A. Would love to see recipes and interior design!

    7.19.16 · Reply
  31. Nicole said:

    I am really enjoying your more personal content lately–I would say more content that is about your day to day life, as well as wellness, recipes, etc. vs. fashion. Keep up the great work!

    7.19.16 · Reply
  32. Virginia Merati said:

    I’m loving all of your more honest posts! While outfit posts are fun, many bloggers do that and in my opinion what sets you apart from other bloggers is that you’re willing to connect with your readers on a more personal level. I love interior decorating posts, tips on lifestyle choices like finances, and anything that makes your blog more informative to read than the average blog. A specific post I’d love to see involves tips on how you’ve connected with others when you moved, something I know you struggled with when you first relocated. I moved to Fairfield County 5 years ago and, despite being a friendly and fairly outgoing person, have struggled to make many girlfriends and couple friends.

    Thanks for being so committed to your readers. I must confess, I used to only read your blog once in a while but lately I feel so much more compelled to read your blog that I’ve been checking in daily! Keep up the great work!

    7.19.16 · Reply
    • Wendy said:

      I just moved back to CT after 15 years away, I forgot how tricky it can be to make friends in a new area as an adult! I just transferred to the Junior League chapter closest to me. If you haven’t checked out Junior League, it might be worth looking into. It was a great way for me to meet friends in the town in which I first joined the league.

      7.20.16 · Reply
  33. Lauren said:

    I’d like to see more wellness posts, fitness, recipes and that type of content. I want to say more home decor/entertaining but all of your home “tours” so far have been sponsored and it’s hard to relate when your getting a bathroom renovation, furniture, etc for free.

    I appreciate the honesty in your recent personal posts and really enjoy reading your blog!

    7.19.16 · Reply
  34. Kalina Popova said:

    I really feel like you’ve opened up so much to your readers lately and it’s so refreshing! I love feeling personality in blog posts! You have an absolutely stunning blog.

    Kalina | Simply Semisweet

    7.19.16 · Reply
  35. Schaickwow said:

    I seem to be echoing many of the comments before me, but I really like your lifestyle and budget/finance/real life posts. As a fellow New Englander I also love seeing the local places you visit including beaches, restaurants, historic sites, etc.!

    7.19.16 · Reply
  36. Maggie said:

    You look gorgeous! For me, I LOVE your real life posts about budgeting and health tips. Those have been ones I come back to again and again. I also absolutely adore your travel content and would love to see more (though I know one can only go on so many trips a year)- maybe some more travel-related content when you aren’t on a trip? Planning tips, etc?

    7.19.16 · Reply
  37. mel b said:

    Digging your snap stories- something about real time/less curated resonates more with me. I pop over to your blog sporadically and always enjoyed more travel/fitness/beauty product updates over advice/tips or recipes. Appreciate sharing more deeply about personal stuff too.

    7.19.16 · Reply
  38. Mary Fremeau said:

    Your outfit above is amazing! I love your style posts. I am totally inspired by your high-waisted skirts and dresses! I love to also hear your real-life posts. I, too, can find myself writing about only the really, really, really fabulous/great parts of my life, when in reality, there’s a lot going on below the surface. I love your blog, and you’re so fabulous and gorg! Keep it up!

    7.19.16 · Reply
  39. Cara said:

    I love your real life/advice posts! I’d love a post about how to dress stylish while on a budget during your early 20s, your favorite self-help books, receipes, etc.

    7.19.16 · Reply
  40. Laura Lynn Michaud said:

    Honestly, I think you have the perfect balance! I love your fashion posts, but I’m glad that’s not all you blog about. I love the home decor and the food as well. You are my favorite blogger! Thank you for everything you share!

    7.20.16 · Reply
  41. Kelly Gabel said:

    What i love is that there is a nice balance between fashion, decor, health& fitness, and travel. I do connect with your blogs that you are 100% open about like your life experience! I would love to see more of Diy kinda posts, travel or things to do in your neck if the woods, best resturants or fave resturants local. Keep doing what you are doing as you are my go to blog and find you easiest to connect with !!

    7.20.16 · Reply
  42. RosaLovesDC said:

    I would really love to see more of your home decor posts. I love your style and I would be interested in seeing how you decorate your new home.

    7.20.16 · Reply
  43. Christina said:

    I really love all of your posts about healthy habits, including fitness and healthy eating, but also the posts surrounding anxiety and stress and how to combat them. Your blog posts read as so authentic and genuine, so it’s always great to get a peek into your life or to read your advice on how to be a healthier, happier person. The outfit posts are always fun, but I’m most drawn to the real-life content. Your snapchat Q&As are the highlight of Mondays – so much fun to watch!

    7.20.16 · Reply
  44. Wendy said:

    I agree with so many of the other commenters-more real life content. Splurge vs Save posts, since alot of your items are high end for readers(I get it,comped items might be different than what you’d spend your own money on) navigating moving to a new town, making friendship and business connections, and personal content are all appealing topics. I

    7.20.16 · Reply
  45. Andrea said:

    I think you have a great variety of posts, but your healthy living, travel (who doesn’t love travel posts?!), and personal, real life posts are my favorites. I love your outfit posts, but there is something about your personal posts that really connect with me. I also love your posts about money, because you’re right – nobody really talks about money. I do have to copy what someone else said – your snapchat Q&As are a Monday highlight for me too!

    7.20.16 · Reply
  46. Shana said:

    Thanks for taking the time to listen, Julia! Of course I love seeing your style posts, but I also really love your home decor pictures/posts and your posts about really life (specifically the one about money from the other week).

    7.20.16 · Reply
  47. Cassandra Ann said:

    Hi Julia! I’m just curious, how many views per post do you average on Snapchat? As I increase my snapchat posts, I’ve noticed an increase in following. I’m currently at 200+ but it’s exciting to have a bigger audience to connect with! 🙂

    7.20.16 · Reply
  48. Daisy said:

    Your blog is one of my favorites lately. The outfit posts drew me in, but the deeply personal and posts where you open up are really well done. keep it all up 🙂

    7.20.16 · Reply
  49. Sarah said:

    I discovered your blog a few months ago and have come back daily since then. I like your fashion posts but loved the posts about finance and your open discussion about your miscarriage. I often follow blogs when I find the writer relatable, and if I find you relatable then I like to know more about your life than just your fashion picks. Keep posting personal content, it’s great!

    7.20.16 · Reply
  50. Sofie said:

    My personal favorites are posts on finance, real life, health, and travel.

    7.20.16 · Reply
  51. Elisabeth said:

    i LOVE posts that are personal and more revealing- like about relationships, love, sex, marriage, etc. thanks for asking for our input!

    7.20.16 · Reply
  52. Elissa pulido said:

    I would love to see more recipes. I try to eat gluten and dairy free and love new yummy recipes. I would also love more beauty tips. I love trying new skincare and makeup.
    I love all your posts and enjoy reading your blog

    7.20.16 · Reply
  53. Jennifer Avant Eustice said:

    I look forward to your snapchat Q&A each week and I think your snapchat is very well done in general. I like the outfit posts as well as recipes and how tos. I’m very inspired by your more personal stories and I’ve been a little braver on my blog as well.


    7.21.16 · Reply
  54. Taylor Kennedy said:

    Like many have said – I do love your honest posts. I do enjoy the fashion posts but my most favorite are about real life situations (i.e. money, taking a personal day, your husband) and I also really enjoy different recipes and travel posts. I have looked into several vacations based on places you have written about. I really value a honest opinion on a vacation spot especially if I am spending a lot of money. Although I cannot connect with each of your personal posts I do feel more connected to you and your blog which keeps bringing me back day after day. I think it could be interesting to do a post on your family or husband…just an idea. Also, you have talked about meal prepping and always eat quite healthy during the week. Would love to get your recipes for easy “work week” meals. Also! What about your favorite types of wine? What you order out and what bottles you will drink at home with Anel. Hope this helps!

    7.21.16 · Reply
  55. Tess_Sequins are the New Black said:

    I love your posts about finances – you’re so responsible and its so inspiring to see we are all going through similar situations. I am currently saving for a house/ future wedding/ Chanel bag and hearing your discipline is amazing! I love seeing into the personal lives of my favorite bloggers as well! Keep up what you’re doing girl!!
    xox Tess | Sequins are the New Black

    7.21.16 · Reply
  56. Emily - chapter&verse said:

    I would like to see more tips and tricks for keeping a schedule as you work from home – how do you hold yourself accountable and stay productive? This is difficult for me as I make time for working on my (new) blog, so advice is much appreciated! Also, I would love to hear more about organizational tips – your home looks so put together and it’s clear that everything has its place – what works best for you when deciding between function and decoration?

    7.22.16 · Reply
  57. Mary Plymale said:

    I would love to see some things about your health regimens!! Not specifically about weight loss or dieting, but just about what you do every day to stay healthy (working out, eating, supplements, etc). Also I would love to see a “day in the life.” I think that would be so interesting! I have loved all of your posts lately so keep up the awesome content!

    7.22.16 · Reply
  58. Lauren said:

    As I’m moving into my own apartment soon, I really love your home decor posts because I find them inspiring! But your outfit posts will always remain my favorite, because I love your style.

    If I really had to suggest anything, it would be that it wouldn’t hurt to throw in a few more shots of Boots 🙂

    7.22.16 · Reply
  59. Emily Rabbitt said:

    I love your blog! I definitely like the more lifestyle posts (finances, home tours, recipes). Maybe less outfit posts? They can get a bit repetitive.

    7.23.16 · Reply