Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids

Amalia’s lives for Valentine’s Day. I think she might like it as a holiday even better than Christmas which is saying a lot. She loves the hearts, the pink, the flowers her dad gives her every year, and the idea of a whole day dedicated to love. I’ve never been much of a v-day gal but her excitement gets me every time.

Last year I bought her this heart water bottle cup and she still uses it next to her bed every night. She’s very into arts and crafts right now so this heart box craft kit is what I’m going to buy her this year. I like to give her gifts for smaller holidays that aren’t too big or splashy.

While looking for the perfect little something for Amalia, I found some other great options and rounded them up below!

Cuddle + Kind Doll, $59+: I physically cannot make a kid round-up without Cuddle + Kind dolls. We love their hand-knit dolls and their mission.

Love You Sweatshirt, $24: This would be cute for a boy or girl. I’m tempted to get one for each of my kiddos.

Bath Bomb, $8: Every kid loves a bath bomb.

Hanna Andersson Heart PJs, $24+: We have the navy and rainbow heart pattern this year but I love the pink and red too.

Candy Box, $28: TBH this is probably what she would want over any of the other gifts.

What I Love About Being Your Mom Book, $11: I’m tempted to get this one too. So sweet.

Hooded Towel, $34: Gifts that kids actually need and will use daily are winners in my book. If you’re in the market for a new hooded towel, this one is very cute.

Reversible Octopus, $15: We randomly won this octopus at an arcade over the summer and Amalia loves it. I don’t know why but she thinks it’s hilarious. And it’s also come in handy when talking about feelings because one side is a frown and the other is a smile.

A Little Spot of Love Book, $11: We love this series of books because they talk about every feeling from sadness to love to anxiety to anger. They have been a big hit in our house.

Heart Swim Goggles, $23: She actually has these and they’re so cute. We are back in swimming lessons for the winter so she’s excited about them all over again.

Roller Rabbit PJs, $65: Roller Rabbit PJs are expensive but so so so soft. I always buy a size up so we get extra wear out of them.

I Heart Art Crayons, $14: Cute and crafty ftw!

Water Bottle Cup, $16: Last year I bought her this heart water bottle cup and she still uses it next to her bed every night.

The Invisible String Book, $8: If you want a good cry, check out this kids’ book. We bought it when one of our chickens died after one of you guys recommended it and it has sparked a lot of conversation about both love and death.

Heart Box Craft Kit, $9: I will report back on the quality but it’s Melissa & Doug so you can’t go wrong.

Babiator Heart Sunnies, $26: Babiators makes hands-down the best sunglasses for kids. They’re flexible, durable, and provide 100% UV protection.


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