Valentine’s Day Gifts

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Valentine’s Day is in two weeks so with shipping delays, I recommend you get on your holiday shopping early this year. Whether it’s for yourself, a significant other, girlfriend, sister, or daughter, here are the gifts I’m loving. Feel free to share this post with your husbands, boyfriends, wives, and girlfriends!

1. Add a pink scalloped Chappywrap ($135) to your collection this Valentine’s Day or shop from the Lemon Stripes collection, available through the spring!

2. How beautiful is this ASHA heart charm necklace ($350)?

3. Who doesn’t have their eye on the Loeffler Randall penny knot mules ($395) at this point? The metallic pink may have me finally pulling the trigger…

4. I bought the blue version of this hot pink evil eye necklace ($18) in Palm Beach last week and haven’t taken it off. It is a cute little good luck charm. The brand Oiya is new to me but it looks like they have a lot of really cool jewelry, and they have a big charitable component to their mission.

5. Kerri Rosenthal is a local artist and friend of mine. She makes stunning art and then creates giftable items out of it. Like this ombre “block of love” ($78) that can be used as a paperweight or shelf decor. I have one on my nightstand that a friend gave me years ago.

6. I love these sweet gold and mother of pearl heart huggie earrings ($128).

7. A pretty set of pink and white block print napkins ($60) for a spring tablescape.

8 I am dying for a set of Estelle Colored Glass martini glasses ($200 for 6). I have the coupe/champagne glasses and stemless wine glasses. These are a gorgeous shape and would round out my collection perfectly. Hint hint, Anel!

9. Roller Rabbit PJs are made of the softest cotton ever. Amalia and I are both big fans of their heart print PJs ($115).

10. A pink and white love pillow ($92) because why not?

11. I have a blue ASHA wrap bracelet that I love and this pink and heart version ($150) would make an amazing V-day gift.

12. A heart-shaped Le Creuset pot ($299) sparks all the joy.

13. The Sugarfina sour lips candy ($20) is my all-time number one favorite candy and I buy it whenever I see it.

14. This Nantucket hydrangea print ($150) would look beautiful in a white frame.

15. You can never go wrong with a picture frame ($29). And here is another heart frame option on Amazon for only $14.

16. A cute and affordable beaded gold bracelet ($30) with a sweet little heart detail. Perfect for any stack.


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