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The heatwave is over and 80 degrees has never felt so cool. The weekend, as you can imagine, was quite warm, but we made the most of it at the beach and at Amalia’s indoor birthday party. It was one of my favorite weekends of the whole summer so far despite the insane temperature.

Last week, I documented every single thing I ate and wrote down all of the exercise I did to share with you guys. I get asked about my diet and exercise plan a lot and always say the same thing which is that I follow an 80/20 rule which means I try to eat healthy/clean 80% of the time but allow myself to have whatever I want 20% of the time.

I always get pressed for more details so here it is as detailed as it gets! I’ll do this again in the winter because in the summer I eat a lot of salads and I have almost none in the colder months.

I have been eating more sugar lately and writing this all down made me realize that. I’ve been feeling kind of off and I’m guessing that’s why. This week, I plan to cut processed sugar entirely to see if that helps.

So here it is… My food diary from last week!


7:30 am: Scrambled eggs with homemade pesto and parmesan cheese, sourdough toast with ghee, Earl Grey tea with Better Half dairy-free creamer.

9:00 am: 30-minute hike with the dogs

10:00 am: Almond butter Perfect Bar

2:30 pm: I worked all morning and forgot to eat lunch, so I ran out to Turning Point Coffee Roasters and got a quinoa bowl with sweet potato, red peppers, cucumbers, and spinach with peanut sauce (pictured above).

8:00 pm: Salad made with greens from our CSA, tomatoes, and cucumber, topped grilled chicken that I marinated in olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and cumin, plus a side of brown rice with ghee and salt.

8:30 pm: Handful of 1/2 dark chocolate chips and 1/2 peanut butter chips. This is my go-to dessert. You’ll see it a lot on here!


8:30 am: Ezekial Bread cinnamon raisin English muffin with ghee, peanut butter, and blueberry jam, Earl Grey tea with Better Half.

10:15 am: Peanut butter Perfect Bar.

1:00 pm: Shaved kale and Brussels sprouts Caesar with chicken and a cucumber Spindrift from Something Natural.

5:00 pm: Tortilla chips and Trader Joe’s Salsa Autentica

8:00 pm: Banza chickpea pasta with pesto and shrimp sautéed in butter, garlic, salt, pepper, and lemon juice.

8:30 pm: Handful of 1/2 dark chocolate chips and 1/2 peanut butter chips

Wednesday: Workout day

7:30 am: Everything bagel with Daiya dairy-free chive cream cheese, homemade matcha latte with oat milk.

10:00 am: Banana with peanut butter before my weekly workout with Countdown Fitness. This is my go-to pre-workout snack.

12:00 pm: Salad with spinach, romaine, tomatoes, cucumber, radishes, croutons, and marinated tofu from Greens on the Go.

12:30 pm: Gluten-free peanut butter cookie.

7:30 pm: Soba noodle salad bowls with chicken and a glass of rosé.

8:30 pm: Handful of 1/2 dark chocolate chips and 1/2 peanut butter chips

Thursday: In NYC for meetings

7:30 am: Iced almond milk latté

10:00 am: Avocado toast with tomatoes and pickled onion and an unsweetened iced tea from La Pecora Bianca.

11:30 am: Hot Mint tea (I started feeling a little sore throat)

1:00 pm: Two slices of pizza that I ate while walking between meetings. I never ever recommend walking and eating but we had back to back meetings all day and a 15-minute break to eat lunch. I felt awful after this.

4:00 pm: Dang sticky rice chips on the train ride home.

7:30 pm: Ordered in from LuLu Organic Chinese Restaurant because I was too tired to cook. Anel and I split sesame chicken, orange beef, veggie fried rice, and Chinese green beans.

8:30 pm: One scoop of Ben & Jerry’s dairy-free Cherry Garcia.


7:30 am: Smoothie made with almond milk, two giant handfuls of spinach, frozen blueberries, a banana, chia seeds, flax seeds, almond butter, and collagen peptides, sourdough toast with peanut butter.

8:30 am: Iced matcha latté from Turning Point.

9:00 am: 30-minute hike with the dogs.

12:00 pm: Leftover sesame chicken and fried rice and a salad made with butter lettuce, chives, and my go-to vinaigrette.

3:00 pm: Carrot sticks and rice crackers with hummus and a handful of strawberries from the farmer’s market.

8:00 pm: We had plans to go out but I was still feeling a sore throat from the day before so we decided to stay in and pick up Bartaco for the whole family. I had 3 fish tacos, chips with guacamole, and some watermelon.

Saturday: Amalia’s birthday party

8:30 am: Scrambled eggs with goat cheese and spinach, sourdough toast with ghee, Earl Grey tea with Better Half.

12:00 pm: Three slices of cheese pizza (Dairy and I don’t do well together. This was a giant mistake!) anda a cupcake.  I was at Amalia’s birthday party and just went for it.

3:00 pm: Sour gummy bears… They were in the gift bags at the party and sour candy is my biggest weakness.

7:30 pm: Salad made with greens, cucumber, and dill from our CSA plus avocado and a fried egg. For the dressing, I mixed pesto with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a dash of maple syrup and a glass of rosé.


9:00 am: Two spinach muffins toasted with ghee and almond butter, Earl Grey tea with Better Half.

12:00 pm: Italian chopped salad (salami, pepperoni, romaine, spinach, pepperoncini, provolone), berries

3:00 pm: More sour gummy bears. I can’t have them in my house. Sour candy is one of the only things where I have zero self-control!

6:00 pm: Grass-fed beef burger in a lettuce wrap with ketchup and mustard,

8:00 pm: Homemade dairy-free mint-chip milkshake (dairy-free vanilla ice cream, coconut milk, dark chocolate chips, peppermint extract)

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  1. Katherine said:

    Yum – love this post!! I know you mentioned sleep issues in the past, and I had a bout of insomnia which was strange for me… I was eating a few big chunks of super dark chocolate after dinner, and I realized all of that caffeine from the chocolate was keeping me up! Cut out the dark chocolate and sleep problems went away 100%. Maybe not an issue for you, but I noticed the dark choc chips so wanted to mention 🙂 xxx

    7.22.19 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      Interesting! My sleep has been better since I went on anti-anxiety medication. My insomnia was totally anxiety-related. But I’ve heard other people say that about chocolate which is such a good point.

      7.22.19 · Reply
  2. I want to make that diary free mint chip milkshake now! Why are these posts alway so fascinating?! I’m trying to trim down the sugar this week too!

    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams 

    7.22.19 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      It is one of my all-time favorite homemade desserts. And it’s so easy! I love seeing what other people eat and I have no idea why.

      7.22.19 · Reply
  3. Erica said:

    I love these types of posts. It’s always so interesting to see! I love Perfect Bars and have started eating the kids size. The full size upset my stomach a bit and have a lot of calories for my lifestyle (more sedentary than I’d like).

    7.22.19 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      I’ve never seen ths kids size. I need to find those. Sometimes the full sized is too big for me too. Thanks for the tip!

      7.22.19 · Reply
  4. Court said:

    I love this post! I tend to have portion size issues and i’m starting to see the effects unfortunately, so its super helpful to see the breakdown of what an 80/20 eating rule looks like. Oh, and i’m 100% making the dairy-free mint chip milkshake! Thank you!!

    7.22.19 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      Try putting less on your plate/bowl and going back for seconds if you need it. That helps me with portion-control!

      7.23.19 · Reply
  5. Kristin said:

    Very cool post, would love to see more of these! I actually went grocery shopping today and bought several items to replicate some of your healthy meals / snacks. This made me realize I snack / graze way too much during the day. I work from home so it’s too easy for me to wander by the fridge every break I take.

    Can you explain ghee? And also do you notice any difference with incorporating collagen peptides? I only saw it once on your list for the week and was wondering about it.

    7.22.19 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      Oh good! So glad it was helpful and that you were able to shop based on it. I use ghee because it bothers my stomach less than regular butter. It also has a whole slew of health benefits. I use collagen peptides in my smoothies as a protein source. Most weeks I eat smoothies 2-3x but this week it was just once. It’s great for hair, nails, joints, and gut health!

      7.22.19 · Reply
      • Nicole said:

        Agreed, absolutely LOVE reading these and would LOVE to see more – thank you for sharing!

        7.26.19 · Reply
  6. Casey said:

    Hi! Curious your thoughts on Perfect bars. They are sooo good, but I’m not the best at reading labels. What are your thoughts? Thanks 🙂

    7.23.19 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      They are definitely high in sugar but they fill me up for hours and I like the taste, so I still eat them.

      7.23.19 · Reply