Staying Healthy During the Holidays

Healthy Holidays

This is kind of a random topic, but it’s what has been on my mind front and center lately, so I thought I would sit down and organize my thoughts which then turned into a blog post. December is an exciting but stressful month for a lot of people, myself included.

Exciting because of the holidays. Stressful because of the holidays… And a busy season at work for both me and Anel.

But this year, instead of binging on peppermint bark and putting of my workout goals until January, I’m setting a bunch of goals so that my physical and mental health are in the best shape possible, while still indulging in a hot toddy here and there… and maybe some peppermint bark too (ok definitely).

This is my plan, and I’m hoping you guys will hold me responsible for sticking to it!

Physical Health
This is where it all started. I was back on track in the fall then kind of just went downhill when holiday candy/cookies/everything started popping up everywhere. It’s not about how much I weigh, but about how I feel, which is icky, when I don’t take care of my body.

Workout with my trainer: I’m scheduled to workout once/week with Madison through Christmas. I’m super lucky to be married Anel (for many reasons), but one is that I get free personal training sessions because it’s his business.

And at home… Try one of Anel’s at home workouts here. They’re free and so hard!

Acupuncture: Go to acupuncture weekly. I’m lucky to have an amazing friend who is also an acupuncturist. She’s so knowledgable about the human body, it’s insane. I text her with any problem I have, and she always gives me holistic solutions that actually work. I went yesterday and felt so much better all day and night

Dermatologist:  I get pre-cancerous moles and am supposed to go every six months to get them checked but somehow never make that happen. I just called to make an appointment for later in December and feel good to have that crossed off my list!

Supplements: I was super intense about my supplement routine while pregnant and trying to conceive and then fell off the bandwagon for the first time in years. But I’m back at it with a multivitamin, fish oil, and vitamin D in the mornings and then probiotics before bed. That’s it! Unless I start feeling sick then I add more Vitamin C and others. Read more about supplements here.

Infrared: 25-minute infrared sauna sessions make me feel revitalized and fresh, that’s the only way I can describe it . Locally I go to Inner Light Wellness which I am just obsessed with. I ended up making friends with the owner and she is offering free express sessions to all of you guys if you use the code LSLOVE when you book an appointment on her site or over the phone.

Drink less: There’s a huge culture of drinking mommy juice nightly in the mom community… I never understood it until I had a baby. Sometimes the days are just so long and you get no time for yourself. A glass of wine definitely helps! But I really want to keep my alcohol intake to no more than 2x/week… And yes, during holiday season as well. Even though it’s usually just one glass of wine, I find that I feel so much better the next day when I don’t have it.

Cut back on sugar: I’ve written about this before but since having a baby, my sugar cravings have been intense. I’m pretty sure it’s breast feeding related but, like alcohol, it makes me feel worse after I eat it. I don’t have a certain amount that I can eat everyday but I’m committing to generally cutting back.

Emotional Health
I personally find that when my emotional health is on point, my phyiscal health is much better too. I get sick less, sleep better, and gain less weight over the holiday seaso.

No screens before bed: As a long-time insomniac, I’ve been pretty strict about my bedtime rituals. After Amalia was born, I was so exhausted that I would sleep no matter what, and stopped my routine. Even though she’s been sleeping through the night for months, I never got back on it. Starting this week, I need to follow my own rule and stop staring at my phone before bed. It has been affecting my sleep in a big way and I finally just put that together.

Start reading again: Because I’ve been on Instagram before bed instead of my usual routine, I’ve been reading way less. My goal is to get back to reading for 20-30 minutes before sleeping every night, or most nights at least. And parenting books don’t count! It has to be something for pleasure. Any good recs?

Crossing off annoying to-do list items: Being an adult can be the worst sometimes… Am I right? Anel and I have seemingly a million pesky little tasks on our to do lists like getting snow tires on the cars, testing our fire alarms, getting carpets cleaned, filing Boots’ nails, and taking our camera in to be fixed. The list could go on for days, but we’re going to try to check off as many of those tasks as possible, so we enter the new year without lots of little things like those tasks on our mind.

Practice gratitude: I used to do this thing where in the morning when I wake up, I silently say to myself one thing that I’m grateful for that day. It can be something small like getting a good night sleep or something big like having a warm roof over my head on a cold day. It starts the day with a positive thought which can create a ripple effect on my attitude all day long.

Leave the house every day: This probably sounds insane to most of you but when you work from home and have a baby without childcare, that can be a giant challenge. This will change when she starts daycare in January, but I get stir crazy when I don’t leave my house so even if it’s just to walk to the dog or go to CVS, I’m going to get out daily!

Clear the air: I had some issues with a few people in my life that I was holding under the surface. I decided to bring them up and confront them so that my anger/frustrations don’t boil over into something more.

Home Health
Ok I realize the term “home health” sounds ridiculous but what I mean by that is creating a happy and clean space in my home which equates to a healthy home in my book.

Organize each and every drawer: And closet and shelf. We’re on a mission to do a mini Kon-Mari style clean up of the house, but with one closet or drawer at a time. After we clean each space, I go into that room and spray this smudge spray which smells amazing and, I swear, freshens the energy in the room. I realize that sounds absolutely batsh*t crazy, but it does. That’s the only thing on my home health list because it’s going to take all month long.

Ok so who’s with me on my crusade for a happy, healthy, and stress-free (or stress-less anyway) December? How will you do it?

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