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Mayflower Grace Suite

Photos courtesy of The Mayflower Grace

My New Years resolution for 2016 is to practice more self-love. Like many women, I tend to be incredibly hard on myself and I want that to change!

My first step to making my resolution a reality was booking a mindful wellness retreat. The three day program in March supports women at all stages of their lives and can help give you incredible tools to deal with change, transition and promote self-love. Plus, it’s at The Mayflower Grace, a luxury hotel and spa in Connecticut that I’ve been dying to check out.

The retreat focuses a lot on the seven Chakras, along with daily yoga classes, meditation, nutrition counseling, cooking demos, and of course, spa treatments at one of the most luxurious spas in the state. It basically sounds like a beautiful weekend of emotional and physical healing and I literally could not be more excited!

I realize that talking about Chakras is totally out there for me and, to be honest, I know nothing about them. That being said, I caught up with Nicole Glassman, a holistic health coach and the founder of these women’s retreats, to find out exactly what the heck they are:

“The 7 Chakras are the body’s energy centers which means, all of our vital energy flows through them and activates the connected areas. When our Chakras are blocked, we experience illness and generally feel “off our game.” When we employ the wisdom of our Chakras to our everyday life we help our energy flow freely and experience a healthier, more balanced state of being.

When all 7 areas are in balance, you’ll naturally release toxic behaviors and old emotions that no longer serve you. You gracefully step right in to your personal power. Whether you’re in a place of transition, seeking clarity or ready for a life change, these “Spinning Wheels of Light” will teach you how to embrace and enjoy the process.

This quick and easy quiz is designed to help assess what energy center you may need to give a bit of extra care. In just a few minutes you’ll learn which Chakra is imbalanced and tips on how to realign your spirit so that you can live your most successful life.”

Space is limited so if you want to join me on this intimate retreat, sign up here. FYI, the early bird special ends on January 15th. Check out more photos of the magical location below!

Mayflower Grace Pool

Mayflower Grace Snow

Mayflower Grace Spa

Mayflower Grace Room

Thank you to Mindful Wellness and The Mayflower Grace for gifting me this retreat. I couldn’t be more excited!

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