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I’ve talked about my insomnia before, but in the last 6 months I have been focusing more and more on making my sleep a priority. With a good night’s rest, I feel like I can conquer the world and the more of those I have in a row, the better I feel. 

I live by my 5 rules for a better sleep but I also have a few products that help me through my nighttime rituals. To see my full bedroom set up, click here

1. Soft PJs: Wear something comfortable and that breathes and doesn’t bunch up while you sleep. 

2. Lavender Candle: I am all about the bedtime rituals. One of the things that I do to calm down before bed is to light a lavender candle. The flickering light (paired with my amber light bulb per below) calms me down as does the lavender scent.

3. Sheepskin Rug: I have a thing about making the whole experience of getting in and out of bed a delight. I love stepping on my sheepskin rug as the last point of contact with the floor before I get in bed. It’s just an extra layer of delight that puts my mind in a happy place before bed.

4. Good Quality Sheets: Creating a serene place to hit the hay should be a priority for everyone whether you have sleeping problems or not. You spend almost half of you life in bed so why not make it a happy place? My husband and I invested in a pair of Serena & Lily sheets when we moved and they are just so lovely, soft, and beautiful.

5. Amber Lightbulb: “What the heck is an amber lightbulb,” you ask. It is a life changing piece of genius that will completely change your sleeping patterns is my answer. Using artificial light (think your phone, lap top, and regular light bulbs) shuts down your melatonin production, the so-called sleep hormone. Use an amber lightbulb while reading or amber glasses (yes I have a pair and look super cool in them) if you have to use electronics in the 30 minutes before bed.

6. Face Mask: I love feeling like I’m doing work while I sleep. Although I’ve learned that I have to turn off my brain for a while, at least my favorite overnight face mask can do some work for me! Whenever I use it, I wake up feeling refreshed and bright.

7. Bubble Bath: On the nights where I’m feeling extra anxious, I make it a point to close up shop early and take a bubble bath with no electronics nearby which always helps to put me in the mood for sleep. I love Deep Steep’s lavender chamomile bubble bath.

8. Lightweight Blanket: I have a weird problem where I get really (no, but like really) hot while I sleep. If I place a lightweight blanket nearby, I can swap out my heavier duvet for the blanket in the middle of the night if I’m too warm.

9. Aromatic Bedtime Treatment (not pictured): A touch of Tata Harper’s roll-on essential oil smells amazing and instantly makes my brain say “bed time!”.

10. Yoga Toes (not pictured): While I read before bed, I always put on my yoga toes. They sooth tired feet and again make me feel like I’m working when I’m not.

11. Silk rejuvenating eye mask (not pictured): This time of year it starts to get light early. I like to wear an eye mask so the natural light doesn’t wake me up too early. This one works to minimize your wrinkles while you sleep. 

I am always on the look out for new bedtime products to make falling (and staying!) asleep that much easier. If you have any favorites, let me know so I can try them out as well!

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  1. Interiors by Jacquin said:

    I may have to try an amber lightbulb and “yoga toes”… 😀

    5.5.15 · Reply
  2. mackenzie d said:

    lavender or rosewater pillow spray! instantly calming, clean smelling and makes you sleepy once the your head hits the pillow! i like to mix it up between the two every so often

    5.5.15 · Reply
  3. Andrea S said:

    Another idea for you! Have you heard of F.lux software? I installed it on my computer a few years ago and it’s fantastic! It blocks out blue light as it becomes later in the day. You should check it out — I’m sure it’s right up your alley.

    5.7.15 · Reply
  4. BeWellBoston said:

    Something else I have reverted back to: a good old fashioned library book. The lack of light from the screen and simplicity of it are great!

    8.17.15 · Reply