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So this is something fun and different… My husband and his business, Countdown Fitness, are hosting an event at the Lululemon store in Greenwich next weekend. They’ll be giving a free 20-minute group workout to whoever wants to join… oh and I’ll be doing it along with you!

I’ve talked about my struggle with sticking to a workout routine in the past but over the last two months, I’ve been consistently pumping iron with Madison, an amazing trainer who works for him, and have seen some great results. They use a “slow burn” method which is basically the hardest thing you’ll ever do because she pushes me to muscle failure in every exercise… If you scroll down you’ll see I have the biceps to prove it!

On a related note, I have struggled with workout leggings for my whole life because I have a crazy long torso and really short legs. I pretty much live in these cropped pants day to day but once it cools down, my ankles need more coverage. The problem lies here: The full length pants are way too long on me and look ridiculous.

Last week when I went to pick up pieces for this shoot, the manager at Lululemon told me about their 7/8 pants which are between a crop and full-length. They’re the perfect solution for my little legs! Totally not sponsored btw, my world was just rocked. Side bar, I really wanted these but they were too long. For my long-legged gals, I hope you enjoy them!

Come experience the pain (the good kind!) with Madison, Anel, and myself next Saturday, 10/2 at 9:30 in Greenwich and my friend Gabi will be providing post-workout snacks. Details below! If you’re not local, check out his 20-minute at-home workout that is sure to leave you sore.

Have a great weekend, friends! And be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter to read more about our weekend plans plus a sneak peek at next week’s content.



Shirt / Tank / Leggings c/o Lululemon

Countdown Fitness x Lululemon

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  1. splash of preppy said:

    Wish I was in Greenwich NEXT weekend and not this weekend! Have fun!

    9.23.16 · Reply
  2. AJ said:

    FYI – Lululemon will hem their pants for free if they’re too long!

    9.23.16 · Reply
  3. Guest said:

    Hate to be a stickler but you are on a bike with no helmet (yes clearly you are not going anywhere but still not ok) and the tires are flat. The clothes do look nice though.

    9.26.16 · Reply
    • Haha true! It was just a prop because the color looked nice with my shirt 🙂

      9.26.16 · Reply