Dog Acting Out Before Baby

I love my dog more than anything in the world, and one of my big concerns is his him not getting enough attention once the baby arrives. Because of that, I try to explain to him daily what’s about to come and how it will change our lives. I assure him that I’ll still love him, but he might not get as many walks as usual for a few months.

I know that might sound cray, but we’ve always been of the mindset that talking to the dog about what’s going on is the best policy. And I’m pretty sure he understands most of the time!

Over the last two weeks, I feel like he’s getting it more and more and has been acting out in ways that we haven’t seen since he was a puppy. He’ll eat things off the counter (Including corn on the cob, after which we had to induce vomiting. Awful!), go into the nursery and move things around, and now we feel like we can’t trust him alone. It’s beyond frustrating!

My question to you guys is: Did your pups act out just before baby and if so, any tips on how to handle this behavior?

What we’re doing now is yelling at him when we find the mess and making him go to bed. Then when he’s not in trouble, giving him a little extra attention each day so that he doesn’t feel forgotten about… but no idea if this is right or wrong!

PS I found this old picture of Boots as a puppy last summer and it broke my heart. He was so tiny and cute!

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