My Blue & White Baby Sprinkle

I never thought I’d want a baby sprinkle (apparently, what they call a shower for a second kid) for baby number two but when my friends and sister offered to throw me one I was all about it. We haven’t had many in-person celebrations lately and we all figured April would be warm enough to sit outside. It was! We were blessed with the most gorgeous sunny day.

It was so perfect and I felt so lucky and loved by all the women who were able to come and those who weren’t. They threw it at one of my favorite restaurants and the food and decor were all exactly what I would have picked for myself.

A few cute moments that I wanted to share were:

1. They each wrote a little note of encouragement and put it in a ginger jar. The idea is that if I’m feeling tired or overwhelmed postpartum, I can open one up and get a little boost of love and support. My sister also asked our family members around the country to send in notes too which was an extra special touch.

2. Instead of bringing baby gifts, my friends all chipped in and bought me a beautiful customized Louis Vuitton portfolio wallet with my monogram and a blue interior. I was shocked and felt so loved by such a thoughtful and beautiful gift! They know I have so many baby things already from Amalia plus all of their hand-me-downs, so the fact that they thought to get something just for me was really special. I’ll have and use it forever! And will always think of the women I love who gave it to me.

3. I couldn’t have planned my outfit better if I tried. My block print dress matched the napkins and cake (which they somehow thought to match to each other!). I had no idea what the decor would be like and actually had another dress that I bought for the occasion but when I went to put it on that morning, it no longer fit. I was devastated for a few minutes then decided to randomly try on a very flowy dress that I had ready to go for postpartum days that somehow fit. It ended up matching everything and being even better than my original dress.

4. Anel stopped by with Amalia at the end and she ran to me in the cutest little outfit with a giant smile and everyone just melted. It was such a sweet moment and we got the best photo that I plan to frame.

Thank you to the lovely hostesses, Sarah, Eva, Alex, and Lauren (all pictured below), and to all the women who showed up to make me feel so loved. I will never forget this day that was so needed after a rough couple weeks of pregnancy.

Shower Details
Venue: Artisan Restaurant at the Delamar Hotel
Cake: Confections by Crystal
Flowers & flower crown: Compo Farm Flowers (my favorite local florists)
Nail polish: Essie Bikini So Teeny
Napkins: Custom made in India by this Etsy shop
Chocolate heart favors: Little Lotta Love
My dress: Madison Mathews– It’s non-maternity and sold out but this one from the same brand is very similar.
My bracelets: Asha wrap bracelet, Asha evil eye (gifted), Hermes bangle
My sneakers: Tretorn (also found here)
Amalia’s dress and flower headband
Photos: Julia Dags

Eva also wrote a blog post about the party, sharing more details here.

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  1. Celia said:

    This looks beautiful! I’m so happy you got to enjoy time with you favorite people! I might even make that photo of the bouquet the background on my phone!

    4.16.21 · Reply
  2. Kathleen Gallant said:

    This is what a perfect family day looks like! Times had been difficult but you managed to fill this particular time with happiness and grace anyway. Continue to be happy!

    4.25.21 · Reply