Colorful Fall Clothes for Girls

As a follow up to my post about colorful fall clothes for toddler boys, I’m publishing this Amalia-approved list of colorful girl girl clothes for fall. As soon as she was able to talk (Luca’s age!), she had an opinion about her clothes and that has only grown stronger as the years pass. Thank goodness he still lets me put him in whatever I want.

She is drawn to bright colors, lots of patterns, and soft, comfortable fabrics. She refuses any pants besides leggings and wears a dress 9 out of 10 days.

I’ve completely stopped buying her anything without her giving it the go-ahead first because there is no point. She will only wear what she wants and loves and that changes day to day. My mom loves to tell me that it’s karma for me doing the same thing to her. But I actually love that she loves to dress herself and love even more that she’s into bright, happy colors and patterns.

This list of colorful fall clothes for girls was completely approved by the pattern-mixing queen herself:

Colorblock Fleece / Umbrella / Floral Dress / Polka Dot Pants

Gold Booties / Turquoise Dudley / Rainbow Gloves / Floral Vest

Striped Ruffle Sweater / Pink Skater Dress / Plaid Skirt / Leopard Leggings

Yellow Waffle Dress / Pink Sneakers / Legging 5-Pack / Blue ShirtUndies 7-Pack