Colorful Fall Clothes for Toddler Boys

We are most certainly not afraid of bright colors in our house. That goes for our decor, our own wardrobes, and the kids’ wardrobes. I bought this multi-colored construction sweatshirt for Luca from an Amazon ad and he loves it. He points to it every day and only wants to wear it lately. So apparently he inherited the color-loving gene. Or maybe it’s just that he’s intro trucks…

Another great purchase I made for him this fall was three pairs of these pull-on pants from Carter’s when I realized that my poor second child had only one pair of pants. They’re super cute, fit him really well, and a great price. I love a multi-pack of tees and this pack is really soft and full of great colors.

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Colorful Fall Clothes for Toddler Boys

Linked by row, top to bottom, left to right

Color-Block Fleece / Corduroy Pants / Sweatshirt / Smiley Face Beanie

Jogger 2-Pack / Construction Sweatshirt  / Letter Cap / Striped Tee

Sneakers / Jeans / Pullover / Tee Shirt 5-Pack

Sherpa Fleece Jacket / Color-Block Beanie / Chino Pants / Truck Shirt

Red Tee / Denim Jogger 3-Pack / Tartan Button-Down / Corduroy Cap

Green Pants / Puffer Vest / Pocket Tee / Overalls

Plaid Shirt / Our Favorite Pants / Flannel Shirt / Adidas Sneakers