Easter Basket Fillers for Littles

Easter Basket Fillers for Littles

My sister requested this post so here you go, Lauren! But hopefully it’s helpful for lots of you out there. I love filling an Easter basket with little goodies (in addition to chocolate and jelly beans, of course). We use these baskets with gingham liners for the kids with their names on them.

This list of gifts is obviously for younger kids and toddlers because that’s what I know! I generally like to throw in one book, one thing to wear (hat, socks, etc), one practical item (water bottle, Bandaids), and one other gift (like a Slinky or silk ribbon wand) along with their sweet treats.

1. Set of 5 Musical Eggs, $34

2. Pink Kids Letter Hat, $24

3. Rope Bunny Basket, $10: Great price on this one.

4. Slinky, $5: I don’t know why but my kids love a slinky and will get more excited about this than anything else in the basket.

5. Cat & Bunny Book, $17

6. Pastel Markers, $12: Amalia loves a new marker set and I like to gift them to her with a sketchbook.

7. Eco Egg Coloring and Grass Growing Kit, $12

8. Bunny Sidewalk Chalk, $22

9. Bunny PJs, $48: We had this pattern last year and I just think it’s so sweet.

10. Kids Umbrella, $26: Comes in 12 colors/patterns.

11. Egg Bunny Plush Toy, $39: This is just the cutest.

12. Rainbow Water Bottle, $22: We have this bottle (in different patterns) for each kid for school and it’s great. It doesn’t leak and it’s easy to clean.

13. Silk Rainbow Wand, $24 for 2: Amalia got one of these in a birthday party goodie bag and dances with it daily. It’s so cute!

14. Set of Bombas Socks, $36: Our favorites!

15. That’s Not My Bunny Book, $11

16. Blue Kids Letter Hat, $24

17. Set of 4 Cars, $27: Obviously Luca would love these in his basket.

18. Rainbow Temporary Tattoos, $8

19. Bunny Easter Basket, $30

20. Little Blue Truck Springtime, $7: Both of my children love this book. Amalia has grown out of it but it was a favorite for years. Now Luca is a fan.

21. Counting Carrots Toy, $28: Cute for a little toddler!