Luca’s Favorite Truck Books: Age 2

Amalia was a book worm from the day she was born. It took Luca a little longer but now he is a big reader too! He runs to the stairs to read before bed with us and often will sit for a long time just reading to himself pointing at trucks and naming them or singing one of the songs from the first three on this list.

It was so fun to look back on Amalia’s list from the same age too. If you have a truck-loving little one, this list is for you!

Car Car Truck Jeep: This was a follower recommendation and has become a fast favorite. We sing it to the tune of Baa Baa Black Sheep. It’s cute and colorful and quick.

Old MacDonald Had a Truck: Or as Luca calls it, “Mickdonny have a truck.”

Twinkle Twinkle Little Car: The last of the song books, Luca has this entire book memorized and also makes us sing it to him before bed every night even if we haven’t read it. If we get a verse wrong, you better believe he lets us know!

The Digger and the Flower: By far the most “mature” book he likes, it has an actual story and a sweet message. And I love that he loves it.

Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site: Luca goes wild for this one. We have to hide it sometimes because we get so sick of reading it. But it’s cute and he can’t get enough.

Little Blue Truck Springtime: We have all the LBT books but Springtime is his favorite.

1st 100 Trucks: He knows them all, obviously.

Brown Bear Brown Bear: We read this multiple times a day and have for the last year.

Goodnight Gorilla: A classic always and forever. I read it as a kid, I read it to Amalia for years, and I’m so happy he loves it as much, if not more, than she did.

Trucks and Diggers: I’ve learned a lot from this book, not gonna lie.