Plans For Our Boy Nursery

Boy Nursery Plan

At this point in my pregnancy with Amalia, I had her entire nursery finished, her clothes washed and put away in drawers, and her closet was completely organized. This time around I have yet to buy him anything besides a pair of PJs and a set of onesies and realized recently we should probably make a plan for his room, so over the holidays we cleared out what used to be the guest room and moved that furniture to another room so we could start over with a blank slate.

I had a lot of inspiration photos of different styles but at the end of the day, we decided to go with very classic patterns, textures, and colors. Namely navy grasscloth, ticking stripes, sailboats, and rattan.

Because the walls are going to be covered in a dark navy grasscloth, we kept the other furniture and decor items light with clean lines to balance that. The reason we went with the navy walls is because we felt like that could really grow with him. I can imagine a 10 year old boy with navy walls but if we had done them in periwinkle, he might have not been so into that. So hopefully he likes our taste!

The biggest goal of most of the pieces in this room is that they can grow with him. Hopefully in a few years we can just swap in a big boy bed and call it a day. Then he can ruin the beautiful wallpaper with Star Wars posters or whatever 🙂

Dana from Molly Patton Design is helping me with this space and it’s been a very fun collaborative project! We’re on the same page about everything which makes it very fun and easy.

Crib: We’re using Amalia’s old crib which is no longer available but almost identical to this crib. It’s very plain, white, and unassuming. I’m glad we get double use out of it since she’s in a big girl bed.

Rug: We haven’t totally finalized this yet but it will be something light blue/grey with a tight pattern. This is the one I included in the collage above. We know we want it light because the walls will be so dark.

Wallpaper: I’m probably the most excited about the wallpaper in this room! We’re doing a beautiful navy grasscloth from Annie Selke (gifted) that is going to look so cool and different from the current white walls.

Dresser/Changing Table: We had this simple white dresser in our bedroom in the old house but it’s the perfect size for a changing table. I swapped out the hardware for these brass pulls to make it feel a little more modern.

Mirror: I have always wanted to use this mirror somewhere in my house and it was the first thing I purchased for the room! Whenever I see it in someone’s house I’m drawn to it, so I’m glad to be able to use it in baby boy’s room. It will look so great popped against the navy too.

Drapes: I bought two sets of chambray tassel blackout drapes when we first moved in the house. I was going to put one set in my office and one in the guest room but ended up going a different direction for the office so I never used them. They’re no longer available that I can see but they are the matching set to this duvet so you can get a sense of what they look like.

Art: I’ve had two large sailboat prints (this one and this one) from Minted for years and have always found them calming to look at. They were in the guest room but Dana suggested we leave them in the space for the nursery and I love the idea. I’m also having Emily Quigley make him a custom monogrammed crest just like the one she did in my office.

Glider: My friend Roxy from Society Social is making us a beautiful glider in classic blue and white striped ticking fabric.

Accents: I love this sweet sailboat pillow to play off the artwork so that’s in the running to live on the glider. I also love this cute lampshade from the same brand yet but I have to see if it will fit on whatever lamp we go with. Stay tuned on that but I think it’s just so sweet I’ll probably pick a lamp specifically to go with it. I got two of these floor baskets as very practical accent pieces too. We had the pink versions in Amalia’s nursery and still use them to hold stuffed animals in her room now. We used to use them for diapers and extra blankets when she was a baby.

Bookshelf: I love the texture and size of this wood-wrapped bookshelf. We needed something that wasn’t too deep because of where it will live and this one is only 10″ which makes it perfect for the space.

Side Table: I found this rattan side table for under $100 and it looked almost identical to the one Dana had picked so we went for it. I haven’t seen it in person so can’t speak to the quality but am hoping it works out. A friend of mine has it and swears it’s great in person. It’s on backorder so I expect to get it in March.

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  1. Jennifer Record said:

    I didn’t know Minted had prints like this- lovely! Must check them out…

    1.12.21 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      They have some serious gems in their art section!

      1.12.21 · Reply