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My friend Arielle is like an uber-healthy Martha Stewart. She throws frequent dinner parties and brunches and you always leave feeling intensely satisfied without ever feeling like you over-ate. Every dish she creates is the perfect combination of healthy and delicious.

She invited me over with few gal pals last weekend for another one of her incredible soirees, a “Be Well Brunch” (see my friend Hallie’s recap and gorgeous photos here). She started off our meal with green smoothie shots before we dove into pomegranate champagne cocktails. Our starter was a kale chiffonade with vegan avocado caesar dressing followed by toasted artisan bread with ricotta and maple-glazed butternut squash topped with red chili flakes (inspired by ABC Kitchen!). For our main course we had crispy baked eggs and purple roasted potatoes.

After the brunch was over, we finished up with hot tea and cinnamon sugar popcorn. We sat around discussing our goals for 2014 and how we’re going to empower ourselves to achieve those goals. Unlike regular resolutions the goals we chose were all a feeling that we want to feel in the year. For example, one of my words was “vibrant”. I love that word because it can encompass so much: health, vitality, success, confidence.

I encourage you to try this exercise for yourself. It’s eye opening and will help you make decisions throughout the year. For example, the other night I had 30 free minutes. I was going to sit down and watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (true story, don’t judge), but instead decided to spend the time doing a workout DVD. Afterwards, I felt healthier, happier, and (yes) more vibrant! Every day decisions like that can be dictated by the three words that you choose. Let me know what yours are below!

Overall, this brunch was such an uplifting way to spend a Sunday. I encourage you to throw a similar party with your girlfriends very soon!


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Butternut Squash



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  1. Brynn Guster said:

    What a beautiful brunch. I love the idea of gathering good people, good food and having an uplifting conversation that is empowering. Amazing! And to be honest, sometimes I do my workouts on my iPad while I watch RHW. It is a win-win.

    1.29.14 · Reply
    • Julia Dzafic said:

      Hahah that’s not a bad idea. I might try it!!

      1.30.14 · Reply
  2. Arielle of Bewellwitharielle.c said:

    Obsessed with this recap. Thank you for capturing the morning/afternoon so beautifully. AND thanks for coining me “uber-healthy Martha Stewart!” Love love love. xo be well, arielle

    1.29.14 · Reply
  3. Kat Tanita said:

    These pictures are gorgeous!! Had the best time!

    1.29.14 · Reply
  4. Ali said:

    What beautiful pictures! And those champagne cocktails look heavenly!

    1.29.14 · Reply
    • Julia Dzafic said:

      They really were 🙂

      1.30.14 · Reply
  5. Katelyn said:

    This looks lovely! I love the green smoothie shots 🙂


    1.29.14 · Reply
    • Julia Dzafic said:

      That was my favorite part!

      1.30.14 · Reply