Cool Sh*t Online: Episode 3


Happy Friday! Today I’m off to New Hampshire (again!) to watch my husband ride in the annual Prouty bike race to raise money for the Norris Cotton Cancer Center in my hometown. After that, my family and I are driving up to Maine to spend a few days with my aunts at the beach. I’m hoping to eat as much lobster as possible. Have a great weekend and enjoy some of these pretty and interesting articles in the meantime.

1. Buzzfeed teaches us how to make the perfect Ben & Jerry’s ice cream sandwich. Although I’m dairy-free and don’t condone microwaves, this is pretty genius!

2. The Wall Street Journal writes and article about Instagramming your meals and how that is changing the marketing game in the restaurant industry.

3. Two weeks ago, I was invited to visit Aerin Lauder’s stunning new store in Southampton, Aerin (even the website is perfection). Here you can see recaps of our trip written by Habitually Chic and Quintessence.

3. My girl Kat’s apartment was featured on the Glitter Guide. Check out her gorgeous space!

4. The perfect bangle with a large gold coin that makes the greatest jingling noise when paired with other bracelets.

5. My friend Hitha created the best ever 30 before 30 list. I’m starting my list now! Stay tuned . . .

6. A pretty badass guest room before and after post from One King’s Lane.

7. The jam of the week (Clair de Lune by Flight Fancies) brought to you by my sister who sends me great music to keep me going every day!

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  1. Wyatt said:

    Why do you not condone microwaves?

    7.12.13 · Reply