Cool Sh*t Online: Episode 6

Episode 6

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This week has been incredibly trying on me in every way possible. On Sunday, my family suffered a great loss. I won’t get too specific here because I want to respect the privacy of everyone involved. The news was shocking, horrifying, and jarring. There are no words to describe what I’ve been going through since then.

At first, I tried to push down my feelings to be strong for everyone else but then I realized that I had to feel them in order to move on. I realized that, of course, right before I had to be at a 10 hour video shoot where I had to hold it together, smile, and talk about holiday fashion. That was one of the hardest days I’ve ever experienced. I made it through and promised to love myself extra hard on Wednesday.

On Wednesday I did all of the work that I had to do in the morning and then focused on gentle self-healing for the rest of the day. I booked myself an hour long massage, took a bubble bath, drank green juices all day to detoxify, sipped on hot tea to stay warm, thoroughly organized my apartment, and skipped my events (even though it just about killed me to miss a breakfast with Kourtney Kardashian!). That day proved that self-love really can make the biggest difference. On Thursday I woke up feeling much more like myself.

Today I’m en route to a funeral on the West Coast to be surrounded by my wonderfully supportive family. I’m hoping that I return next week with some closure, and a healthier mental state.

In the meantime, here are a few things that have distracted me and kept me smiling throughout the week. I hope that they do the same for you!

1. I admittedly stole this one from Emily’s list but come on it’s effing epic! An A Cappella group sings 28 Beyonce songs in 6 minutes. They are my new heros. I watched this 4 times in a row.

2. An NYC bakery is debuting . . . wait for it . . . turkey-stuffed donuts for Thanksgiving this year. The donuts are pumpkin flavored, stuffed with turkey, with your choice of cranberry sauce or gravy. I mean could it get any better/worse?

3. Bauble Bar, one of my favorite jewelry brands partnered up with my all time favorite fashion blogger, Blair Eadie of Atlantic Pacific to bring you this fabulous collection of curated pieces. The two pieces I’m seriously coveting are this Rainbow Starlite Bib and this Gold Happy Collar.

4. I can’t even eat cheese and I want this balsamic blueberry grilled cheese sandwich more than I’ve ever wanted any other sandwich before. I literally can’t look at the photo without my mouth watering.

5. My new favorite Jonathan Adler Hearth Candle not only smells like the holidays, but it also makes your home look uber-fab with it’s shiny gold exterior. This one is a must this holiday season, I promise you!

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  1. Jen said:

    So sorry for your loss, Julia. I’m going to a funeral tomorrow as well. It’s been a tough week, but keep your chin up!
    (That blueberry grilled cheese does look so yummy!)

    11.8.13 · Reply
  2. Franci G. said:

    Feel better soon! It will get better, but dealing with a loss is tough.

    On another note, I have blueberries that need to made into lunch stat. Thanks for sharing 🙂


    11.8.13 · Reply
  3. so sorry for your loss, glad you had a day for yourself!!

    11.8.13 · Reply
  4. Dana said:

    So sorry for your loss! Hope things start looking up soon.

    11.8.13 · Reply
  5. Sorry for your loss. I really hope you feel better soon

    xoxo Zoe

    11.8.13 · Reply
  6. Kelly said:


    I’m so sorry for your loss, and I’m thinking of you and your family.


    11.10.13 · Reply