Life Lately: Volume 4

Happy Friday! The first week of the year flew by, didn’t it? I woke up this morning thinking it was Wednesday. Getting back into the swing of work was tough, but I’m feeling high on life today after four super productive days, a successful photo shoot, cooking healthy, vibrant recipes for every single meal I ate all week, and some extra sunshine in the sky.

My healthy food habits are making their way to Lemon Stripes where I’ll be sharing a favorite recipe every week for the next month or two. Next week, get ready for the best kale Caesar you’ll ever eat. Trust!

Side bar: How cute is this pic of me with my sister and our puppies? It was so fun slash stressful having the two dogs together over Christmas. Her pup, Delaware is adorable.

Healthy habits. My friend Grace put together a killer list of 10 ways to be healthier right now, which inspired me to start oil pulling again this morning. I forgot how amazing it feels. Thanks for the push, Grace! Read the post.

Peel peel bananas. My weekend to do list includes making these gluten-free sugar-free banana bread muffins. They look super moist and tasty, but without any of the guilt. I made the Pinch of Yum detox lentil soup this week, and now have almost 15 other recipes on her site bookmarked!  Get the recipe.

Meditate on it. Meghan sent me info on Inscape after reading my Mindfulness post earlier this week. I’m so excited to schedule a session at the NYC location and try out their app. Seriously, this is right up my alley! Read more.

Open concept. Mackenzie is moving to Greenwich (yay!), and sharing photos of her Dallas home before she leaves. Her open concept living space is what my dreams are made of. While I love my house, I fantasize about knocking all the walls down to create something similar to this! Read the post.

Pink sweater. Yesterday i bought this gorgeous pink sweater with adorable gold anchor buttons at the neckline. Of course today it went on sale! Snag it for 40% off with code MUSTHAVES. Shop now.

The annual Goop detox. While Gwyneth’s yearly detox is a little too intense for most of us mere mortals, I am excited to make a lot of the recipes involved. Extra pumped for the egg drop soup, Thai fried rice, and crunchy veggie salad, yum!  Get all the recipes.

Setting and keeping goals. Jess wrote out eight super helpful tips for setting and keeping goals in 2017. Read the post.

Italian made. My favorite shoe brand, M.Gemi, is having a major end of season sale with tons of great options for men and women on major discount. Shop now.

Weekly playlist. I discovered this playlist on Spotify yesterday, and am loving it. You guys are always asking what I’m listening to while I work, so I’m going to try to include a playlist in this post every week! Listen here.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Oooh…thanks for the Spotify recommendation. Listening to it right now…

    1.6.17 · Reply
  2. Update: I tried the Inscape app last night and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it (they use the same voice for the audio-led meditation as they do at the Flatiron location so I loved the consistency)! Can’t wait to go back with you for you to experience it!

    1.6.17 · Reply
    • No way! I’m downloading it today and trying tomorrow. So excited, great rec 🙂

      1.6.17 · Reply
  3. graceatwood said:

    Thank you so much for linking to my post Julia! XOXO

    1.6.17 · Reply
  4. Kristi said:

    What kind are your sister’s socks? They are the perfect height!

    1.6.17 · Reply
  5. Carrie Barnett Miller said:

    I loved and so related to your “why I eat weird” post last month. I just shared my experiences with intermittent fasting on my blog and think you’d love reading about it. Have a great spa weekend!

    1.6.17 · Reply
  6. Oh my god those coats. I’m in love.

    Emma | Seeking the South

    1.6.17 · Reply
  7. Devon said:

    Those banana bread muffins look so good! Might have to make them this weekend too! xo Devon Seventeen Dresses

    1.6.17 · Reply
  8. Sylvie Hart said:

    I’m loving your Life Lately posts!!! And really loved the focus towards healthy, clean living which is on my bucket list for 2017!

    1.6.17 · Reply
  9. Julie said:

    I am enjoying this new series of posts Julia. Lots of links to click but I like the variety of subjects! Great initiative! Julie xx ps: I am currently listening to your ‘Daily commute’ playlist on Spotify which is pretty good so far:)

    1.7.17 · Reply
  10. Virginia Merati said:

    You and your sister are so adorable! The puppies aren’t bad either 😉 I’ve been thinking about oil pulling for a while and I think you’ve finally given me the push I need to start.

    1.9.17 · Reply