Strawberry Cake Truffles


This Valentine’s Day, I wanted to make a sweet treat that tasted good for my sweet husband but looked pretty for me. These strawberry truffles did just that! They are sweet, pretty, and fun to make. My first batch came out terribly gooey and kind of gross because my cake to frosting ratio was completely off. The second time around they were perfectly cake and delicious. I promise to only include the good recipe below!

Note: Plan to get your hands dirty with this one!

-1 9×13 vanilla cake: I used this organic mix
-1 egg
-1 1/4 cups almond milk (or whatever milk you prefer)
-8 oz of homemade or store bought vanilla frosting
-10-15 frozen strawberries, blended
-1 bar of good white chocolate (I used Ghiradelli’s)
-Pink sprinkles (I found some at Whole Foods that use beets instead of food coloring!), red candies, or any other festive topping

-Bake cake and let it cool
-Meanwhile mix up the frosting with the blended strawberries
-When cake is cool, mix it in a large bowl with the frosting, using your hands
-Make 1/2 inch balls of the mixture with your hands
-Freeze for 45 minutes
-Take out of the freezer while you’re heating up the chocolate so that they arent frozen when you coat them
-Heat the white chocolate until melted (I do this by placing a glass bowl full of the chocolate over a pot of boiling water)
-Using a fork, dip the cake balls into the chocolate and bang the fork on the side of the bowl to drip off any excess
-While still wet, sprinkle the truffles with your decorations
-Freeze for another few minutes

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  1. bailey said:

    the bad batch was pretty darn good too!!

    2.5.13 · Reply
  2. Julie said:

    These sound unbelievably delicious!!! I can’t wait to meet you tomorrow! xoxo

    2.5.13 · Reply