Summer Pasta

– Cook 1 package of whole wheat or brown rice pasta
– While pasta is cooking, sautee one yellow onion, chopped, in olive oil
– Add grape tomatos (I cut them in half first, I swear it tastes better this way)
– Toss the pasta and vegetables, drizzle (read: pour tons of) olive oil over the top
– season with salt and red pepper flakes
– It’s crazy how boring this sounds but how good it tastes! I purposefully left out my usual favorite of garlic to keep it super light

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  1. Nichole said:

    Do you have a favorite brand pasta you do this with?

    6.27.11 · Reply
    • jargenti said:

      I usually use Bionaturae organic whole wheat chiocciole. it’s my fave!

      6.27.11 · Reply