The Nose Diaries

the nose diaries

Over the last two weeks on my Instagram, people have commented on my nose (not in a kind way) not once, but twice. I don’t think this should fly and they should feel stupid and pathetic so I’m coming out to talk about it with all of you. Yes, I have a big nose. My family is Italian and it comes from my Roman heritage. Unfairly, this Roman nose looks fabulous on men- Powerful, even regal (take my dad for example). On women, like me, it can look a little out of place unless you know how to hold your head high and rock that nose with confidence!

Growing up, I always dreamed of having a nose job as soon as I could pay for it myself. Now that I’m an adult, and married to a man who loves me exactly the way I am, I can see how ridiculous that dream was. Of course when I meet beautiful women with perfect faces, sometimes I get a little jealous, but at the end of the day I am the person I am for a reason and I’m learning to love that person more and more every day.

So here I am, showing you a partial profile with nothing to cover my face. No sunglasses, no cute angling. Take it or leave it, folks!

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  1. Patricia said:

    Good for you not letting these comments fly and embracing the way God made you! I too am sometimes insecure of my nose as well, hating side profiles. I believe we all have insecurities, even those with mean comments do too, and even gorgeous super models!

    8.9.13 · Reply
    • Clare said:

      I commend you for this post and all your photos. I too have a big nose – very similar to yours. I was teased alot growing up and hated, hated my nose. As I grew and matured I learned to accept my nose (and myself). I too have a partner who loves me and my nose for just the way they are. And I am working on moving past mere acceptance and trying to learn to love my nose (and myself!). I love that you post pictures of yourself and show the world that big noses are beautiful!

      8.9.13 · Reply
  2. Lauren said:

    You are beautiful just the way you are! Don’t let anyone else ever tell you otherwise.

    8.9.13 · Reply
  3. Shira said:

    Omg, wtf??? I’m so sorry that people are ridiculous and cruel enough to make comments about your nose. Your nose looks perfect to me and you’re beautiful! So glad to hear that you’re not letting ridiculous, pathetic people bring you down.

    8.9.13 · Reply
  4. Shauna Tenpenny said:

    LOVE this post and LOVE YOU for sharing it. I have a big German nose, and too have experienced not so nice comments and always dreamt of changing it someday. But when I look in the mirror, I can’t help but see my dad (no longer with us) and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love being unique! Thank you so much for this post and reminding me that natural and confident is beautiful. We are one of a kind. Rock that nose!

    8.9.13 · Reply
  5. Cathleen said:

    Only lowly people make rude comments, so ignore them. I’m part Italian too. Although I do not have the same shaped nose, I did always have insecurities, a littl,e about mine. I do have a large forehead and have been told to have bangs. I had bad skin as a child, teen, young adult, even now (although it is much better). I have crooked toes. I used to think I would maybe change all of these things. I have been told to change my eyebrows, which are sparce, tan, color my hair, and get fake nails. I did not gain popularity after doing these things. I used to think I would make more permanent changes, like to my nose and toes. As an adult I realize that is me, the way God made me, and it is part my dad and part my mom. I would not change it. There are no perfect faces and no perfect people. I think you look beautiful. I just happened upon your blog recently, then realized you were Italian, and am happy to stop by your blog daily. Smile. You are beautiful.

    8.9.13 · Reply
  6. Rachael Pontillo said:

    You are beautiful as you are and hold your self regally and with grace. I am self conscious about my skin. It used to be terrible and I have scars though no one can see them now…good for you for standing up to those who are rude and cruel, and for honoring what is uniquely yours.

    8.9.13 · Reply
  7. Caroline said:

    Don’t let those haters get to you! People who bully others are just insecure themselves. You are beautiful and your nose makes you even more gorgeous and unique. Keep doing what you’re doing girl!!

    8.9.13 · Reply
  8. staci said:

    I love this post. So personal and truthful. Everyone else is just jealous! Keep doing what you do 🙂

    8.9.13 · Reply
  9. seersuckerandsaddles said:

    Kudos to you, Julia! You are just lovely–and I think this post is absolutely perfect! Don’t we all have insecurities–my backside and my non-existent chest being my top contenders! Let that nonsense roll off your back, missy—you’re a beauty! xx–beth

    8.9.13 · Reply
  10. Great post, Julia! Ignore those comments–you are one gorgeous lady!

    I’ve found that the older I get, the more I accept what’s “wrong” about me and just see it as “me.” Growing up, I was very insecure about my size and ultra-sensitive to comments from others about it; now I can shrug it off and smile (plus I blog about it now too!).

    8.9.13 · Reply
  11. Ali said:

    You go girl! I cannot believe someone could be so hateful! I think you are beautiful and so impressed with how you handled the situation! xox- Ali

    8.9.13 · Reply
  12. Lauren said:

    Ignore the comments and keep on being you!

    8.9.13 · Reply
  13. Chitra said:

    good for you! I had a big bump on my nose and had it fixed when I graduated college. While i love the way it looks and even get never before heard “what a cute nose you have” I still have internal scars from a lifetime of remarks from classmates and my brothers. All that matters is how you feel inside. I hope these people that made these comments receive a nice dose of karma

    8.9.13 · Reply
  14. Such a beautiful, brave post…that should be totally unnecessary. I don’t know who these people are, but they clearly have their own issues. You are beautiful, and I’m so glad you aren’t letting these idiots change your opinion of yourself. The world would be boring if we all looked the same. That’s what I remind myself when I’m self-conscious about my curves. Just think of that corny mantra: Be you, everyone else is already taken. xo

    8.9.13 · Reply
  15. Kelly said:


    You are so, so gorgeous!! I love every single thing about you, from your personality to your appearance!! I’m so glad that you aren’t letting stupid comments like that get to you. Your confidence, happiness and glass-half-full outlook on life are contagious… That’s why you’re my absolute favorite blogger ever! You’re such an inspiration to me. Never change! Gorgeous through-and-through. 🙂



    8.9.13 · Reply
  16. why are people so rude?

    I think you are a beauty and this post is awesome. I also have Italian background and a nose I haven’t always been in love with. Embracing what makes you YOU is what it’s all about and I love that you confronted the haters.

    positivity is pretty (and so are you!)

    8.9.13 · Reply
  17. Christina {Oh So Glam} said:

    Girlfriend, this post is amazing. I am Italian too {and damn proud of it} and I hate when I find myself being critical of how my nose photographs… mine is a little on the wider side and only getting wider with age! As bloggers, we put ourselves out there every single day. There’s nothing worse than when someone feels the need to make a negative/rude/meaningless comment… and all it takes is ONE person who clearly isn’t happy with themselves. You are inspiring and beautiful INSIDE and out. You should consider yourself lucky that you have a good head on your shoulders and a great heart… keep doing what you’re doing and NEVER listen to the people who want to bring you down. XOXO

    8.9.13 · Reply
  18. Beth Ann said:

    I love this post! Your confidence is an inspiration! Thank YOU! 🙂

    8.9.13 · Reply
  19. Thomasiana Marshall said:

    Ughhh. People need to get over criticizing others and spend their time doing something more productive. My nose is big and I’m not even sure why! My heritage is Scottish, all the way. And unless I’m missing something, I don’t think the Scots are particularly known for their large noses. But I still have one and that’s okay! It’s difficult having an internet presence with pictures for everyone to see. And especially a site like yours where you put pictures up all the time of yourself looking fabulous. Hopefully someday people will learn to pay attention to your posts and outfits instead of picking out what they see as a flaw. I see originality and uniqueness!

    8.9.13 · Reply
  20. Kimberly Lewis said:

    Such a brave post Julia! I too have a rather large and in charge nose and was teased about it as a child and even up until high school. It took me a long time (actually post college!) but now I am finally at peace with it and can’t imagine changing it.

    8.9.13 · Reply
  21. Caroline St. Francis said:

    Seriously props to you for doing this post! I’ve always hated my nose, it is awkwardly wide and has a weird bump and because of that I always avoid certain pictures for my blog. Everyone has something about their body/face that they don’t like but you are an inspiration to making that feature not only lovable but something special. I try to remember that the reason people put others down is because they usually because they are insecure themselves. You are beautiful and don’t let anyone make you feel differently!

    ~ Caroline

    8.9.13 · Reply
  22. stylecusp said:

    GO YOU. I’m so proud of you for smacking those comments right in the face. You are so beautiful + talented and I love your blogger self just the way you are too! Keep being you, lady! xoxo

    8.9.13 · Reply
  23. {av} said:

    seriously, YOU GO GIRL. if I could give the clap emoji in a blog comment, I would. xoxo

    8.9.13 · Reply
  24. kaya said:

    That’s a brilliant post. Thank you for sharing your attitude, it’s the kind of thinking that needs to be shared, especially as it’s easier to ignore that kind of thing most of the time. Just thank you!

    8.9.13 · Reply
  25. AvgGirlsGuide said:

    for real?! people are so gross. your nose makes you… sometimes when people get nose jobs or get other things done it loses the personality and what makes them adorable and defines them. i can’t believe people would say sometime. it’s one thing to not like a pair of earrings or a shirt, but someone’s feature? i can’t imagine…
    you’re gorgeous lady! proud of you.

    8.9.13 · Reply
  26. Elizabeth said:

    I love this post! I myself have huge self confidence issues but being a 5th grade teacher I see young girls everyday trying to “fix” themselves to be what they see on the Internet, tv and movies. It is so important to have people who are strong enough to be “you” and wear it proudly for these girls. One reason I was so drawn to your blog in the first place was because you are always happy and positive and open about everything. Keep it up!

    8.10.13 · Reply
  27. Tanya said:

    The only “perfect” face is the one we are born with! Yours is perfect!

    8.10.13 · Reply
  28. Alaina said:

    I understand your pain! My eyes are different sizes- the right one is smaller than the left. Aka- no front on photos for me! But, I’ve decided that what is seen as imperfect to others is what makes each of us beautiful in our own ways. No one wants to look exactly the same as everyone else!! 🙂

    8.10.13 · Reply
  29. adinagrigore said:

    People are just afraid and wounded and they give in. But you don’t! xoxoxoxxxx Let’s make out.

    8.11.13 · Reply
  30. Julie said:

    I think you are beautiful just the way you are. I’ve never liked my nose, and have heard many unkind things myself. How sad those people must be. Thank you for being so strong.

    8.11.13 · Reply
  31. Arielle said:


    8.12.13 · Reply
  32. Dariel said:

    How absurd! It’s unfortunate that insecurity and jealousy (hello you’re a successful blogger and business owner!) manifest themselves in such hurtful ways. Nobody is perfect, but you’re an inspiring woman (especially to a little NH girl like me) and that’s what ultimately matters! Keep doin’ you, it’s clearly working!

    8.12.13 · Reply
  33. Nicole said:

    I love this post and your honesty! And, your nose is beautiful. No need to hide it. Thanks for sharing your insecurities. I used to hate my freckles and pale skin. I used to wish I could laser off all my freckles. Now, I have grown to love them as my “personality marks.” Hope those rude peeps leave your insta feed pronto. =)

    8.18.13 · Reply
  34. Melissa said:

    I think it’s sad when others make comments about a persons appearance on social media. I agree with you that we all have our insecurities but as we get older we say to ourselves “this is me” and move on. Don’t listen to those people, you are a beautiful successful woman with great style and thats all that matters.

    8.18.13 · Reply
  35. Carissa said:

    I appreciate this post and have landed on your blog for the first time (via pinterest) while this topic is fresh in my life. My issue is more of a weight issue and where I hold it. I’m a shorter personal at 5’3″ and hold more of my weight in my hips and thighs. Not a ton but more than when I was younger. I want to personify and live what I preach to my daughter … self-acceptance and love. Thank you for modeling this quality for me. I will definitely return to your blog. I think you are beautiful from the inside and outside.

    9.5.13 · Reply
  36. Nadia said:

    Thankyou so much for writing this post. I have always been insecure about my large Croatian nose! And now as I start to age my wrinkly neck also. Thankyou for inspiring me to try and let these feelings go and Just be happy and Live my life and love myself.

    9.27.13 · Reply
  37. Megan Moore said:

    The most beautiful people are unique. Diana Vreeland comes to mind and SHE IS FASHION. Rock on Julia, you’re even more gorgeous in person.

    11.25.13 · Reply
  38. shell said:

    Pop Cleopatra nose clip into google, another man’s treasure. its all about cultural context, I am a British woman with a large Roman nose. in Britain women are the worse comparing a person against western American ideology. Italy gave total acceptance I felt so at home and relaxed at long last I didn’t want to hide my profile. there is quite a few article on the net surrounding our noses, and in fact it shows that a large prominant nose on a woman actually demands respect from men and inturn will push miss lovely noses nose a little more upturned. truth is it represents a strong powerful woman. I think the male of the species is also to blame, not because they don’t find a large nose attractive but because of fear. Cleopatra had a large nose, it is only recently where she was even considered ugly as women gain more power in the world. Cleopatra was an extremely powerful woman. and one last point to make is that the most attractive aspect of a woman is confidence, to any man lucky enough to be graced with a strong woman.

    2.23.14 · Reply
  39. Catie said:

    Besides the fact that it’s pretty disgusting and pathetic to insult someone’s physical appearance EVER, let alone on social media, just remember these people must be incredibly bored with their own lives to do this. I think you’re absolutely stunning and I always find that the things that make us unique are the things we end up being appreciative of as we get older. I loathe being as tall as I am (5’11”) and constantly find myself trying to seem smaller in photos. But you’re right, it’s so much better to just embrace it, keep your head high and own it! Love this post 🙂

    5.22.14 · Reply
  40. Holly + Casey said:

    You go girl! I don’t understand why people think its ok to put other down regarding appearance, especially if its something that you literally cannot change unless you have surgery. I am all about rocking what you got. I absolutely hate when people point out my height. Yes I am very very short. No its not cute. No its doesn’t mean you can rest you elbow on my head. Its just what my genetics gave me and there are other short people too. Its not a phenomenon.

    5.22.14 · Reply
  41. encircled said:

    Just found this post via Hitha on the Go’s blog!

    I think you are beautiful. Your features make you… well, you. Everyone has insecurities and I think it’s awful that the trolls on the internet feel entitled to cut other people down. It’s these people that are usually the unhappiest with themselves.

    Shake it off. <3

    3.9.15 · Reply
  42. linzie said:

    I recently discovered your blog and super glad I did. I love this honest writing. For you to come out and openly discuss something you have been uncomfortable with is pretty amazing. I’m really glad you are more accepting because you are truly a beautiful person (and honestly I think your nose gives you that much more character) but I also noticed you mentioned how your husband loves you for who you are. Sometimes, we just need that reminder that there is someone who loves all our insecurities. When you think about that, they seem to come out of the shadow and shine bright and proud in the sun. You don’t worry about it as much, you accept them. I also, have a person who loves all of mine (my boyfriend). I get down about it, when I try on certain clothing (I particularly don’t quite enjoy my big thighs in anything but pants and have never been too accepting of my boob shape… is that weird?) but when he tells me he loves both of those and that I look great and to not pay attention to that stuff so much then I do feel better. So thank you for sharing this! I think you rock your nose – and should definitely hold your head high 🙂

    5.13.15 · Reply
  43. Zew said:

    I like the bag

    6.29.15 · Reply
  44. I had a strong, angular nose similar to yours (with a slight hump that made my nose like skinny & long). Then when I turned 29 I got a nose job & the doctor had his own vision on how he was going to tweak it: making it look short, fat, & upturned… Which totally didn’t fit my face shape with strong jawline & high cheekbones. It has caused me deep depression for years, not able to look at mirror or take photos. I’m 36 years old, & have been told by doctors that I can never “go back” to my old face, which fit my personality & had provided a natural balance to my other features. You are so smart to realize, how special your nose is! I’m so jealous!

    2.1.16 · Reply