The Nose Diaries

the nose diaries

Over the last two weeks on my Instagram, people have commented on my nose (not in a kind way) not once, but twice. I don’t think this should fly and they should feel stupid and pathetic so I’m coming out to talk about it with all of you. Yes, I have a big nose. My family is Italian and it comes from my Roman heritage. Unfairly, this Roman nose looks fabulous on men- Powerful, even regal (take my dad for example). On women, like me, it can look a little out of place unless you know how to hold your head high and rock that nose with confidence!

Growing up, I always dreamed of having a nose job as soon as I could pay for it myself. Now that I’m an adult, and married to a man who loves me exactly the way I am, I can see how ridiculous that dream was. Of course when I meet beautiful women with perfect faces, sometimes I get a little jealous, but at the end of the day I am the person I am for a reason and I’m learning to love that person more and more every day.

So here I am, showing you a partial profile with nothing to cover my face. No sunglasses, no cute angling. Take it or leave it, folks!

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