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Hello all! My name is Erin, half of the design team at Sullivan & 3rd. Julia has been gracious enough to offer me a monthly spot on Lemon Stripes to share MY passion: design. We’re going to talk color, typography, photography, tips and tricks I’ll share my inspiration and fave resources along the way.

We’re planning on making it slightly blog-focused (designing blogs is what I do for a living over here) however there’ll be a little something for everybody, and if you have any particular requests, feel free to comment below. In the meantime, have a stellar week and enjoy the 4th!!!

Typography 101

1. Be yourself! What is it that makes your style unique? You’ll find that even the most basic typefaces have personality in the details – a sassy curve here, a sharp edge there. I suggested Julia use Buttermilk which is soooo PERFECTLY her.

2. Be aware. Creating an appealing layout is like putting together a cute outfit. Simplicity is key: keep your color palette limited and don’t clutter your letterforms (white space is your friend!)

3. Be inspired. You’ll be amazed at how much type is part of your daily life: look at the restaurants, stores and sites that you frequent, the products you buy and the advertisements you’re drawn to. Check out their type treatments!

4. Be consistent. Create a signature ‘look’ for yourself. Stick to a handful of fonts that compliment each other.

5. Be bold. You won’t learn until you put yourself out there and be open to feedback.

6. Be patient. You won’t get this perfect first time, but stick with it and you’ll have a valuable skill for life.

Some cute freebies to kick you off: miso, opera lyrics smooth, voluta script pro, big noodle titling, annifont, deco neue, playfair display, shket.

xoxo Erin

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  1. Tanks said:

    I like that Julia is Buttermilk

    7.18.13 · Reply
  2. bright and beautiful said:

    great tips to keep in mind! thanks for sharing!

    8.8.13 · Reply
  3. mommahenn said:

    Thank you. Great tips!

    8.26.13 · Reply