When I lived in Florence for a semester in college, Ribollita was one of my favorite things to order at restaurants and my host mother would cook it for me once a week. It was a staple of the Tuscan diet and I became a huge fan. If you’ve never had it, it’s basically veggie soup with chunks of bread in it topped with more bread. This recipe brings me back to my days in Florence.

It’s hearty, packed with veggies, and cures everything from a sniffle to a hangover.

Ribollita is always made with cannellini beans and kale but you can use any other veggies you want. I make mine with celery, onion, carrot, and garlic. A lot of people use cabbage too but I can never get the taste right. But the real key to ribollita is cooking the soup with a rind of Parmesan cheese for an earthy, nutty flavor. And a great loaf of crusty bread. The crustier, the better.

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Ribollita Soup Recipe
Serves 4-6, adapted from this Bon Appetit recipe by Molly Baz

– 1 large onion
– 3 medium carrots
– 2 celery stalks
– 8 garlic cloves
– 2 bunches, Tuscan kale
– 1 small wedge of Parmesan with rind
– 28-oz. can whole peeled tomatoes
– 1 tbsp, tomato paste
– 1/2 cup, red wine
– 1 loaf, crusty bread
– 1/3 cup extra-virgin olive oil, plus more for drizzling
– Salt to taste
– 14-oz can cannellini beans
– 1 tsp, crushed red pepper flakes

1. Preheat oven to 450.

2. Prep veggies: Chop onion, carrots, and celery and add to a medium-size bowl. Smash, mince, or press 8 cloves of garlic and add to the same bowl.

3. Strip the stems from 2 bunches Tuscan kale and discard. Tear the leaves into small pieces and set them aside

4. Cut rind off of 1 small Parmesan wedge, and set aside.

5. Place 28 oz. canned tomatoes and their juices in a strainer set inside a medium bowl. Don’t throw out the juice, you’ll need it later! Squeeze tomatoes and crush them with your hands while leaving them submerged in their liquid so they don’t squirt.

6. Tear a loaf of crusty bread into 1 inch pieces.

7. Heat 1/3 cup extra-virgin oil in your Perfect Pot over medium heat. Add the chopped veggies with 2 tsp. salt and cook, stirring occasionally, until vegetables are softened but not browned, 8–10 minutes.

8. Lift strainer full of tomatoes and give it a few shakes to remove any liquid. Add tomatoes (but not juices!) and cook for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.

9. While tomatoes are cooking, drain and rinse 14 oz. canned cannellini beans in the strainer you just used, then add to pot along with Parmesan rind, tomato juices, 3/4 tsp. red pepper flakes, and 4 cups veggie or chicken broth (or water) . Bring to a simmer.

12. Add kale in small bunches and stir to let it wilt.

13. Add about one-third of torn bread and cook, stirring occasionally, until coated and warmed through, about 5 minutes more. Taste and adjust seasoning.

14. Remove from heat. Place remaining torn bread chunks on top. Drizzle generously with olive oil.

15. Transfer pot to oven and bake stew until thick, bubbling, and bread is golden brown on top, 10–15 minutes.

16. Ladle stew into bowls, drizzle each generously with olive oil and grate lots of Parmesan over.

17. Enjoy!

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