Fairfield County Travel Guide

Fairfield County Travel Guide

I’m so excited to finally be launching my Fairfield County travel guide today! Fairfield County is the coastal strip of Connecticut where I live and is made up of many adorable towns full of great restaurants, shops, and activities. I’ve lived here for 5 years now and have been talking about making this guide for 4 of them. I’m glad that I waited because I feel like I really have a handle on the area now and have found the best of everything from lobster rolls to manicures to dermatologists and more.

I have spent the last few months adding my favorite spots to the guide, but going forward, whenever I post something new, it will become the first entry on the guide so when you visit it again, you might find something new. It’s fairly long so I recommend using the filters at the top if you’re looking for something specific. For example, if you click wellness, the page will repopulate with only my local wellness recommendations.

You can click here, but in the future, you can always get to the guide by clicking Connecticut Guide on the top right corner of my site.

I can’t wait to hear what you think and let me know if you live locally and have recommendations for me to try.

Thank you to Julia Dags for letting me use your beautiful photo for this post!

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