Indonesia in Photos


The view from our villa in Bintan

Our vacation has been out of this world incredible so far. Today I arrived in Tokyo to accompany my dad on a business trip and explore the city with his wife and my baby brother. I look forward to taking in a new city, eating amazing Japanese food (already had a surprisingly delicious meal at the airport), and learning a thing or two from the famously fashionable women.

The last week has been a blur of amazingness. I really don’t know how else to describe it! We spent the last week on two different Indonesian islands, one of which was only one degree from the equator. Needless to say, it was scorching hot in the best possible way.

We hiked through the jungle, snorkeled in the ocean, took a shot at paddle boarding, relaxed, sunned, drank, and ate a lot of curry with our feet in the sand It was so nice to unplug and forget about the real world, if only for a few days. Here are some photos of my week in paradise.

Thank you to Anel for all of the good shots! The not so good ones were taken by me. I’m sure you can tell the difference!


My rainbow toenails on full display

indo6 copy

Sharing a sweet moment with my brother, Jackson


A fishing boat in Nikoi

photo-2 copy

An interesting find. We had to try!


Getting excited over something on the beach


Drinking straight from the coconut


A stunning sunset


Sharing a pre-dinner cocktail with my husband


He decided to kayak around the whole island. I just watched.

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  1. Dana said:

    I’ll need to know exactly where you are so I can go one day soon and I’d also like to know where the long floral dress is from. It’s beauteous!

    3.14.13 · Reply
    • We were in Bintan and Nikoi. Both were incredible! The long floral dress is from Three Dots. Will be doing a full post on it very soon…Stay tuned!

      3.14.13 · Reply
  2. Laurie said:

    These photos are beautiful, it looks like you had a nice vacation. I would love to go to Indeonisia one day.

    3.16.13 · Reply
    • You definitely should if you get the chance. It was absolutely breathtaking!

      3.20.13 · Reply
  3. Julie said:

    Love that picture of you and Jackson!! Looks like you’re having a fabulous time!

    3.16.13 · Reply
    • Isn’t he just the cutest? 🙂 It was an amazing trip.

      3.20.13 · Reply
  4. love those rainbow toes! i’ve been to bali and it’s amazing!

    3.21.13 · Reply