And We’re Off!

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Tonight we’re off to Newport, RI to kick off our wedding festivities with a mini family reunion. I plan to spend my days much like this adorable little pup, lying in the sand, eyes closed, smiling, and looking forward to our big day. Even though we have some last minute errands and projects, I’m excited to kick back with all of my family members who are flying in from out of town just to celebrate us! Any pre-wedding tips? Share below!

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  1. meg said:

    white wine!

    8.29.12 · Reply
  2. If possible, establish a lost & found. It sounds silly, but the day after my wedding I was given 2 tux jackets, a cell phone, and 2 pairs of shoes that were left behind and it was a struggle to figure out who they belonged to and to return the items before people left town.

    You might have trouble sleeping the night before the wedding, so have caffeine handy. Five hour energy was my go to.

    Check in the people giving speeches. Give them a time limit, remind them to stay sober(ish), and make sure they are somewhat prepared. I had a drunken, inappropriate, unprepared, rambling best man speech situation.

    Congratulations! You will be a beautiful bride!

    8.30.12 · Reply