Happy Thursday!


{Shirt: H&M, blazer: Zara, jeans: J.Brand, necklace: J.Crew, earrings: iLoveMe, boots: Frye}

I spent the last two days in BlogShop, a Photoshop class for bloggers, hosted by Bri and Angela, bloggers and Photoshop superstars! I learned a lot and will share more of my crazy photoshop skills very soon. For today, I’ll just let you watch this video that I made in class…Now you know my biggest secret: I’m a phenomenal dancer!

Photos by the lovely Angela.

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  1. Johanna said:


    This is brilliant. Can’t wait to see what else you have learned.

    12.15.11 · Reply
  2. Kate said:

    LOVES. Also, your outfit is perfection (of course).

    12.15.11 · Reply
  3. Betsy said:

    I really love your outfit! We have very similar styles.

    12.15.11 · Reply
  4. Blair said:

    Haha, you are too cute!

    12.15.11 · Reply
  5. Bailey said:

    I LOOOOOVE it!!
    You are so cute!

    12.15.11 · Reply
  6. Melinda said:

    Love this. Perfect for the season of happiness

    12.28.11 · Reply