Live a Little

I am usually so swept up in my busy life (work, blog, cook, run, sleep, work, blog cook, run, sleep), that sometimes I forget to stop and just enjoy my life. Last night, one of my friends arranged a girl’s night out at Eataly’s new Birreria. We sat in the heat-lamp filled rooftop bar doused in the orange light of the setting sun.We ate pretzel bread with mustard and friend Shitake mushrooms while sipping on glass after glass of pumpkin beer, laughing the entire time. It felt so nice to let loose and not worry about anything for a few hours!

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  1. patti black said:

    hi julia..congrats on your engagement! SO EXCITING!!! i LOVE your blog and recipes and especially love your photography…very talented young lady! stay in touch!! we are about to lauch our black ink website..maybe i can send some things your way…hopefully we’ll chat soon! xoxox

    10.21.11 · Reply
  2. bailey said:

    mmm pumpkin beer

    10.21.11 · Reply