My Weekend in Photographs

This long weekend was such a blast! I spent three days with my extended Italian family in Rhode Island on the beach, then on a lake, and always surrounded by enough food to feed a small country. My Aunt is an incredible cook and gave me some recipes for fish, pasta, salads, and even breakfast potatoes. It was so nice to see her and everyone else, and such a treat to get so much nature time. Yesterday afternoon I was cruising around on the back Anel’s Jetski with a warm breeze in my face. Today it’s back to a humid 90-degree New York city day. All in all, it was a great weekend. Here it is, in photos!

{My festive nails}

{Taking pictures of each other on a rocky beach}

{Pretty hydrangeas that seemed to grow like weeds}

{One of many bottles of Rosé consumed}

{Colorful flavored honey sticks}

{Reading one of my favorite books to my brother Jackson}

{A 4th of July tradition: Steamed clams, mussels, and little necks}

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  1. Your photos are absolutely beautiful. They started my day with sunshine and a smile. Thank you!

    7.5.11 · Reply