My Weekend in Photographs

I am very happy to say that this weekend was our last in New York City for the next 5 weeks. As much as I love it here, the summers on this small, crowded island tend to be humid, hot, and slightly smelly. Although I was dreaming of a cool breeze and the sound of ocean waves, I thoroughly enjoyed a run in central park, a picnic in the sunshine, a birthday dinner with friends, and lots of baking! Here it is, in photos.

{My sister- who always manages to look like the coolest person in any group!}

{Cheese burgers, chicken hot dogs, and french fries from Shake Shack}

{Bright flowers from my boss, congratulating us on our engagement}

{Homemade chocolate chip cookies for a day when I needed some cheering up}

{Seriously spicy curry from Brick Lane Curry House in the East Village}

{Miles of apples at Fairway}

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