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Why I Eat Funny

Blazer / Pants / Tee (current favorite) / Similar Pumps / Lipstick (in Habanero) “Excuse me, do you have a gluten free menu?”, “Can they make that without dairy?”, “I’m actually not drinking tonight, thanks though!” All three of these phrases come out of my mouth on a daily basis. One of the most commonly asked questions I get on email and Snapchat is, “Why are you … Read the post >>

Weekly Meal Planning

One of the things that I’m most proud of as an adult, is my ability to plan and cook great, homemade meals every week. Not only do I plan for dinners, but I try to make sure that Anel and I both have a home-cooked lunch at least three days per week (his coworkers get pretty jealous). This is both cost effective and a healthier option, as it’s easy … Read the post >>

My Food Diary

One of the blog posts that you guys asked me for over on Snapchat is a food diary. Almost every week in my Monday Q&A, someone asks me to share a food diary so I figured this was a good time to start! I finally spent three days a few weeks ago writing down every single thing that I ate to share with you. I was completely honest and … Read the post >>

My Workout Routine

One of the questions that I’m most often asked in my Monday Snapchat Q&As is about my workout routine. I wish I could say I have it down to an art and that I’m super in shape… I mean I’m married to an incredible personal trainer, you’d think I’d be on top of my game, right? Not so much. I have a weird relationship with … Read the post >>

Healthy Eyes

Dress c/o Vineyard Vines Turning 30 was a milestone, but as my 31st birthday approaches, it’s dawning on me that I’m actually…”in my 30s”. It’s not all that scary and I have a feeling this decade is going to be the best one yet, but it does make me think twice about protecting myself in ways that I never thought to before. I’m more religious about … Read the post >>

5 Ways to Get Healthier and Happier Now

Shirt / Blazer / Boyfriend Jeans Earlier this week, I had a really bad day. Like one of the worst. Let me explain: I woke up to my poor little pup having diarrhea all over his bed (and himself). Having never had my own dog before, this was not something that I knew how to deal with in a graceful way. Talk about reality check! So … Read the post >>

Nutritionist’s Guide: Dining Out

Jessica’s Shirt / My Shirt Although I have a background in holistic healthy coaching, like many other seemingly healthy people, I get “stuck” in certain situations. Eating out is one of them. I can be “good” all week, cooking clean meals and drinking plenty of green juice, but when I go out to a nice restaurant, that is all long forgotten. I often leave nights … Read the post >>

Mindful Wellness Retreat

Photos courtesy of The Mayflower Grace My New Years resolution for 2016 is to practice more self-love. Like many women, I tend to be incredibly hard on myself and I want that to change! My first step to making my resolution a reality was booking a mindful wellness retreat. The three day program in March supports women at all stages of their lives and can help give you incredible … Read the post >>