Miraval Berkshires

This fall my sister and I visited Miraval Berkshires for the first time and had a beautiful, relaxing, and inspiring weekend. I knew the second we set foot on the property that I would be back again, and I was lucky enough to be invited back by the Miraval team for a visit with Anel and some of our friends. The second trip was all of the things mentioned above and also, dare I say it, transformational.

Both times I have left feeling grounded, calm, happy, and at peace, not feeling that I normally experience on a day to day basis.

Miraval is a place to slow down, look inward, move your body, meditate, relax, soak up the spa, and so much more. I might throw my 40th birthday there and cannot wait to bring my kids one day. I am fully invested, you guys!

On the drive home Anel asked when we can go back just the two of us so pretty sure this won’t be our last visit.


The best part is that there is something for everyone. When we went with our friends, 3 guys and 3 ladies all with very different interests, we were all able to find activities that we were excited about. For example, Anel’s favorite part of the visit? A class on how to grow mushrooms! Mine was the vibrational sound chamber and one friend was particularly excited about getting our tarot cards read. One of the guys couldn’t wait to shoot arrows in the archery class and my girlfriend was stoked to learn how to paint with watercolors.

Into horses? They have equestrian experiences. Golf in the summer? They have that too! Plus a million and one workouts, stretching classes, yoga and pilates options, and guided hikes around the property. And of course a list of wellness classes and experience that you can’t even imagine from meditation to breathwork and everything in between.

You plan your day around when the activities you want to attend are happening and then schedule spa treatments in between. The first time I went, I wanted some down time so had big chunks of breaks but quickly realized that I wanted to take full advantage of everything there so was able to add things in and change around my schedule last minute which was nice. Nothing is set in stone. On my second visit, I packed in a lot but ended up having a little cold so needed some breaks. It ended up being the perfect balance.


When you book a night there, you get not only a beautiful room but all of your food and drinks (alcohol excluded) included in the price. And the food is next level. They have a stunning healthy buffet at breakfast and lunch in addition to a full menu. Dinner has a wider menu full of farm fresh meals that are all outstanding.

There is also a yummy snack bar with golden milk and green juice and coffee/tea drinks and pastries and salads/sandwiches that you can visit at any time. I have become addicted to their golden milk.

Another fun little perk is that when you arrive you get a tote bag and a reusable water bottle and they have water filling stations all over the property where you can choose different water flavors and coldness which is oddly satisfying.


Each guest gets a $175/day credit to use either at the spa or for a paid experience. The spa is out of this world and I highly recommend getting at least a massage there. After having been there for 6 full days now with 6 full spa treatments, I can tell you that none of them disappoint but my personal favorite was the simple hot stone massage.  Definitely bring a bathing suit because there is a hot tub, infrared sauna, steam room and indoor/outdoor pools where I spent quite a bit of time on each trip.

Ropes Course

Hear me out on this one. Both times I’ve gone to Miraval, my absolutely all time favorite moments have been on the ropes course. Not something that I would have anticipated but their offerings really get you outside and out of your comfort zone. I have now done The Flying Squirrel twice and the Warrior Challenge once and feel a whole lot braver and stronger after completing them both.

Going as a Group

Visiting Miraval with my sister was amazing but having a big group of my best friends to share the experience with was also SO cool. We’ve been talking about it whenever we’ve seen each other since and it brought us all closer together. We did a nice mix of group activities, singular activities and pairing off into small groups.

Family Connection Week

For the first time ever, Miraval Berkshires is opening is welcoming the next generation to experience the wellness offerings the resort offers. From April 14 – 21, the traditional adults-only resort is hosting it’s first ever Family Connection Week, a first-of-its-kind family wellbeing experience that will welcome guests 8+ years or older for the first time. The experience will elevate mindfulness and healthy habits within families, supporting children and adolescents in building a strong foundation for a balanced life and creating moments for family bonding. Families will have access to activities including mindfulness sessions, creative expression, cooking classes, yoga and outdoor adventures. I can’t wait until Amalia is 8 so that I can take her to this one day!

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