My Daily Foot Care Routine

daily foot care routine

I don’t have very cute feet. I get calluses easily and quickly, my heels are often cracked, and my big toes point inwards (or “take a hard left”, as Anel lovingly teases). Over the last few years, I’ve realized that I can fix one of those problems at home.

About a week into COVID in 2020, I realized that I was due for a pedicure so I took off my nail polish and tried to do it myself. It was an epic failure. My nails looked gross from not having given them a break from polish in literally years, my feet were callused like crazy (I’m now convinced pedicures make calluses worse in the long run), and my filing skills were less than perfect.

I was determined to fix them so I did a foot peel and decided to start taking better care of my feet. I started doing this daily foot care routine almost 3 years ago and my feet are now baby soft and smooth. The routine has since been updated so I’m re-sharing this post today!

Daily Foot Care Routine

I go through this routine most nights before bed.

Step 1: Use the Bare August glass foot file before a shower. It sounds weird but it’s important to do this on dry feet. You can do this every night if your feet are super dry/cracked or just as needed. At first I did it every night but now more like 2x/week.

Step 2: Wash your feet thoroughly in the shower or bath. I also exfoliate them once a week with the Necessaire body exfoliator that I also use on my body but any gentle exfoliator will do.

Step 3: Dry feet with a towel.

Step 4: Apply cuticle oil to your toenails and cuticles, rub it in with your hands. If you don’t have any, you can use coconut oil or olive oil. I’ve been loyal to this random find of a product since 2020. I use it on my hands too.

Step 5: Apply foot cream before bed then cover with socks. If you want to do all of this in the morning, just leave the socks on for 10-20 minutes while it dries and you get ready for your day. I use Barefoot Scientist hydration cream.

Bonus step: I try to remember to use my Yoga Toes every night but end up realistically doing it 1-2x/week. They help to ease foot pain and I hope that they’ll prevent my toes from bending inward even more!

Weekly Foot Soak

Once a month, I try to remember do to a homemade foot soak but realistically happens randomly when I remember.  The Epsom salt softens dry skin and calluses and the acidity from the lemon helps remove the dead skin.

Foot soak ingredients

– 1 lemon (juice and peels)
– 1 cup, vinegar (white or apple cider)
– 3 cups, Epsom salt

Foot soak directions

– Add vinegar, juice from the lemon, and salt to a tub of warm water (or a foot bath if you’re really fancy)
– Use the insides of the lemon peels to clean your feet
– Soak your feet for 15-20 minutes
– Complete steps 2-6 above!

Yearly Peel

– Once a year between Christmas and New Years, I do this foot peel which is totally gross but totally amazing. You apply it for an hour or two then 10 days later your feet start to peel… but like a lot.

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