3 Easy Alternatives to the Mom Bun

Hi guys! I’m Eva, mama of three kids 6 years old and under, blogger at HappilyEvaAfter.com, and BFF of super mama Julia! We both live in Westport, and became friends when Anel used to take blog photos for me and set me and Julia up on a “friend date”. We bonded right away over both having experienced miscarriages, and grew close over the years as we both grew our families and businesses. We also LOVE an old-school Magazine Quiz moment, in case you haven’t checked those out. LOL. Today I’m here to talk about The Mom Bun.

As moms, we’ve all been there: exhausted, disheveled, with our hair in our face and a tornado of kids and household stuff to get done. That reflex to just throw our hair up in a messy bun is so strong! But did you know that with just a minimal amount of extra effort, you can try out a new bun technique that looks a bit more modern and interesting?

During the pandemic, I’ve been trying out some new fun hairstyles that are still my go-to easy “bun”, but with a bit more flair. And totally Zoom meeting appropriate, by the way! With Julia out on Maternity Leave, I thought it would be a great time to share some of these easy #MomBun alternatives with all of you. Each style has a short video and description, but feel free to ask questions in the comments and I can come and answer them. I prepped my hair before filming by giving myself a blowdry with the Harry Josh hair dryer (my fave!) and his collection of round brushes. These buns are also great with second or third-day hair!

For some added hair health benefits, try working a few drops of hair oil into the lower lengths before you do your bun. When you take your bun out at the end of the day, your hair will be ultra-hydrated! Check out my YouTube channel for more makeup, hair, and skincare tutorials!

The Double Knot Bun

This one is so easy. Simply secure a ponytail at the nape of your neck (you could also place the pony higher if that is more flattering on you), divide the pony into two sections, and double knot. Then, secure the extra pieces with bobby pins for an undone, ultra-modern look. I did a side part here, but if you’re a Gen Z’er and shocked and dismayed by that, you can totes middle part it. Up to you! Click below to see a video of how I did it.

The Silk Scarf Bun

I think this one is so pretty and elevated! You can use a smaller silk scarf for shorter hair, or a longer one as I used here. You can also use a bandana if a silk scarf is not in your wardrobe! Part your hair however you’d like to (I did a middle part because I’m young and cool, Ok?) Create a ponytail at the nape of your neck, and knot a silk scarf around that. Create 3 sections of hair (including the sides of the scarf in two sections), and create a tight braid. Wrap the braid into a bun, and secure it with bobby pins. Click below to see a video of how I did it.

The High Bandana Top Knot

This one is a variation on the classic MomBun, with a cute twist. Create a topknot (I like to leave out pieces in the front, but you don’t have to), and then wrap a bandana around the bun and tie at the front. Click below to see a video of how I did it.

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  1. Elena said:

    I love your guys friendship! And all of Eva’s beauty tutorials!

    5.10.21 ·
    • Julia said:

      I love both of those things too!!

      5.10.21 ·
  2. Lydia said:

    When are y’all bringing back the magazine quizzes, those were too much fun! šŸ™‚

    5.10.21 ·
    • Julia said:

      Good question. We will get back to you on that one… hopefully this summer?

      5.10.21 ·
  3. Liz said:

    I think Iā€™m just missing it, but where is the video for the silk scarf bun? The low bun with the scarf? Thanks!

    5.14.21 ·
    • Julia said:

      If you scroll down there should be a little play button! The beginning of each video is just plain white so it’s hard to see!

      5.16.21 ·