The Product That Changed My Skin

To say that I’ve become obsessed with anti-aging skincare in the last few years feels like an understatement. I am here for all the serums, retinols, facials, and lasers that I can get my hands on. But one (all natural!) product has trumped them all and completely transformed my skin over the last six months.

Over the summer, I saw my friend Shannon for the first time since the pandemic hit. It had been a year and a half since we had seen each other in person and my first thought was, “Wow she is glowing!” I immediately asked her what she had been doing for her skin and she told me that she had bit the bullet and switched over to the beauty world’s cult-favorite brand, Vintner’s Daughter.

She had been struggling with acne and other skin issues for as long as we’ve known each other and it was all completely gone. Poof, like magic! Plus that glow… it was positively radiant.

I had seen Vintner’s Daughter products written and blogged about and Instagrammed and TikToked about a million times, but never went for it because the price seemed atrocious and I just didn’t buy into the hype.

Well, my friends, I have been proven wrong. The hype is hype for a good reason and it is 100% worth every penny. My friend told me to buy it and promised to buy it off of me for the full price if I didn’t like it after two weeks. It was a no-lose situation, so I ordered the Active Treatment Essence and the Active Botanical Serum on the spot. That was six months ago and I don’t think I’ll ever turn back.

In that time, I turned down three different beauty campaigns because none of the products came even close to Vintner’s Daughter. Their two-step treatment has somehow simultaneously completely cleared up my skin, given me the most radiant glow I’ve ever had, and plumped up my collagen. All because of a beautiful little glass bottle filled with liquid gold.

So what’s the deal with VD? It’s a brand with only two products and no intention of expansion because they believe so strongly in what they’ve created. And I respect that. It feels so different from everything else out there right now.

Instead of a 5-6 step skin routine, with their products you only need a cleanser, their essence, and the serum. As someone who has always had a multi-step skincare routine morning and night, the idea of two products after cleansing sounded lovely, and let me tell you, the whole (very quick) process is a delight.

I’ve even *gasp* stopped using retinol which I never thought I would do. But I’m telling you, my skin has never looked so good in my life. And I promise I’m not pregnant 🙂

Both products are 100% all-natural and packed full of dozens of botanical ingredients from avocado to grape seed to turmeric.

The serum is a gorgeous, luxurious, delicious-smelling face oil and the essence is more of a watery substance that smells like vinegar but I promise you get used to the smell and it’s well worth it. I dab on the essence and then pat the oil into my skin after cleansing morning and night and that’s it! So easy, so effective.

I have not had a single pimple since I started using it. I have never gotten more compliments on my skin, and I wear less makeup because the natural glow looks so good on its own.

The 30ml size of the serum lasted me almost 5 months. You only need 3-4 drops of it with each use.

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