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When we first moved into our house, life was a mess. We bought it really quickly because I was pregnant, and didn’t have much money leftover to decorate. We did quick and dirty turnarounds on each room but it never really felt all that “finished” or elevated.It never felt like home.

So 2018 has officially become our year to fix some of the little (and bigger) things that bug us.

A few examples: We’re repainting the wainscoting that covers our living area because it looks a hot mess. The people we bought the house from did a sloppy job putting it in so there are cracks everywhere. Painting it and filling the holes will make a huge difference.

We’ll also be moving all of the randomly misplaced light fixtures so that they’re centered over tables and such. The little things can make everything feel out of whack!

There are a lot of project like that coming down the pipe, so when Annie Selke asked me to refresh my bedroom for their blog (So exciting! They’re featuring one influencer a month.) I jumped at the chance to make a bigger change in our bedroom. It’s time for us to grow up in our house, one room at a time.

To do things really right, I reached out to Prudence, a local designer that I’ve admired for a long time. Her style is spot on with what I love, so I decided to take the plunge and see how she could help me. Because our bedroom is so small and we love having a king-sized bed, I had no idea how she would make it look bigger and brighter in only two weeks.

But she came on, accepted the challenge, and completely blew me away some simple changes! As a reminder, this is what the space looked like before. It definitely wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t fully there. Now? It feels like a grown up bedroom that I feel excited to sleep in every night and proud to call my own.

It was a slightly chaotic couple of weeks, and Anel and I actually moved our mattress to the family room to sleep for two nights in the middle of it all, but we both agreed that the final product was 100% worth it.

So let’s go over how she and her team did it:

1. Rearranged: When we used to walk into this room, it felt cramped and almost claustrophobic. I don’t think the photos really tell this story but on the wall across from the foot of the bed, there was a tall dresser and there wasn’t much room between the bed and that, so the walkway was cramped. Prudence got us the same dresser, but in a shorter version, and moved it to an unused wall to the left of the bed. That opened up the whole room and left a space for a gorgeous full length mirror and small piece of art which I moved over from my office.

2. New bedding and rug: I liked our old bedding a lot. It was comfortable and easy, but this new stuff is luxe, let me tell you! And the monochromatic bed to rug look, makes it look like a fancy hotel for some reason. I chose this rug because of how soft the material is under our feet, and because I think the color is calming and beautiful. While our old rug looked cool and vintage, it didn’t give me the feel of calm that this one does. The same thing goes for our new bedding that is super luxurious.

3. Grasscloth ceiling: I can’t even with the grasscloth wallpaper on the ceiling. When Prudence mentioned it in passing, I was like wait stop right now we’re doing that. Anel was skeptical at first but once it was up, we were both blown away at how much of a difference it made. Somehow it made the room look bigger

4. Raised the rods: This was a small change, but by raising our curtain rods (and swapping them out for amazing lucite ones!) the ceiling looks higher.

You can see before photos of the room here and I included one shot mid-project below so you can see a glimpse at how chaotic it got. Scroll all the way down for product details and a little video we made of the space. The Boots cameo at the end kills me!

On top of all this excitement, we’re also doing a giveaway over on my Instagram where you can enter to win $300 to spend on any Annie Selke product so be sure to check that out.

Styling/Design: Prudence Home & Design
Duvet Cover: Annie Selke c/o
Euro Shams: Annie Selke c/o
Rug: Dash & Albert c/o
Grasscloth Wallpaper: Thibaut via Rings End Darien
Ceiling Fan: Monte Carlo via Circa Lighting
Bed: Pottery Barn
Lamp on Dresser: Pine Cone Hill
Lamps on Nightstands: Couture Lamps
Nightstands: Wayfair
Dresser: Crate & Barrel
Ginger Jar: Kirby & Company
Rose Quartz: Open Heart Apothecary
Mirror: Kirby & Company
Martini Print: Gray Malin
Print Above Bed: Max Wagner
Drapes: Ballard Designs
Acrylic Curtain Rods: Ballard Designs
Bench: Kirby & Company
Jumpsuit: Old but this one is almost identical.

Thank you to Annie Selke for providing our gorgeous new rug and bedding. Thank you to Kirby and Company for all of the amazing accessories. And thank you to Prudence and Kelley for being so fast and furious with this project! You guys are the dream team and I can’t wait for our next project. Photos by Julia D’Agostino. Video (below) by Carter Fish.

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