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Finding the perfect light fixture has been quite the saga around here lately. I found my dream light, the Colleen & Company Jardena, but the price tag is way out of my budget. But I keep staring at it online, nonetheless, and trying to figure out what will measure up. I took to Instagram and got so many great ideas from you guys that I thought I would share them all in one place.

As a reminder, my original entryway inspiration came from this design (I wrote about our other entryway plans here). I loved the fixture in that photo, which I soon discovered was from a local brand called Oomph Home (number 7 on this list). It, too, sadly is out of my price range but I saw it in person and it’s even more stunning!

So I started looking for similar lanterns in white that I would paint the same color as our front door. After a follower sent me this scalloped lantern that was the perfect look at a much better price, I finally measured the space and realized that a lantern won’t fit. We need a flush mount or semi-flush mount because we don’t have a high entryway ceiling. Someone with a high ceiling, please buy it and do that so I can live vicariously through you!

Once I realized our height issue, I searched and searched some more…

I found a bunch of great flush mounts that could work. A lot of you sent me this one from PB Kids which is only $149 and could easily be painted (I think). I like it a lot but am concerned it looks too childish for this space. Although I might end up putting it in Amalia’s bedroom. The second most popular light was this one which is the same look but a little more elevated. That is a contender too.

But then I remembered this beautiful clover-looking light that we looked at for our old house, and I’m thinking it might be perfect and I will just ditch the idea of painting it. It also comes in navy which could be cool for a monochromatic but not matchy matchy look.

I threw number eight on this list because you can customize it to any height or color. It ended up being out of our price range too but it’s a really cool light and incredibly customizable (can be a flush or pendant) for anyone looking for something like that. And I forgot to add it to the collage, but a few people sent me this light from Anthroplogie and I think it’s just so gorgeous. It’s also on my shortlist.

Please send over any more ideas you have. I want to make a final decision in the next week or two and you guys have been so helpful already! And if you love any of these, let me know 🙂

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